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Fight stress listening to soothing nature sounds with Sound Valley

A slow and soothing nature sound playing gently in your system background is something which can relieve you from the mental as well as physical stress. I work on computers for more than 8 hours a day and needless to say that it is very tiring and fatiguing to sit on the computer for so long. I’m glad I came through “Sound Valley” which helps me to relax during my work hours. Sound Valley brings a lovely collection of nature sounds which help to fight stress and to relax my mind while I am at work.

Sound Valley software

Nature sounds have always been the most salutary stimuli to fight stress and anxiety. Sound Valley brings it all for you. It is a small and simple media player who plays beautiful and comforting nature sounds in a soothing volume while you relax.

The Sound Valley program contains relaxing and calmative nature sounds like birds chirping, forest sounds in day and night, rain sounds and sea sounds in day and night, and I must say the sounds seem to be purely natural and restful. The playlist of Sound Valley includes-

All the media files are nicely made with restful sounds, and the best part is that there is no particular music pattern which makes it sound even more natural. Every media file in Sound Valley is a blend of various sound files shuffled and played randomly.

You can also schedule the playlist according to your work breaks. Furthermore, Sound Valley can also shut down your PC after playing for your scheduled timings. So, you can set the soothing nature sounds to play and go to sleep, the program will shut down your PC once played for your defined period.

Sound Valley undoubtedly is a nice idea to get relaxed from our busy and hectic work schedules, but I would like to get the option to download more of such soothing and relaxing sound files.

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