Feem is by far the most seamless and hassle free file sharing tool

Feem is a file sharing app from an African startup. We all know that file sharing apps are not devoid of problems and shortcomings intact most of them rarely work and those that work are not hassle free to setup. Yes, we have seen our fair share of offline file sharing tools but Feem has been garnering rave reviews and this further encouraged me to test it out. Simplifying the affair of file sharing seems to be the basic premise of the Feem and let’s see how it pans out in our test.

Feem file transfer app

Feem file transfer app
Since its a file transfer tool I have laid some special emphasize on ease of use. The best part of all is that Feem is available for Windows, Windows Phone 10, iOS, MacOS, Linux, and Android this is an awesome thing considering that we can share files across different platforms.

Feem is 50 times faster than Bluetooth and it supports the transfer of large files without actually eating up your bandwidth or your wallet as a matter of fact. All of my file transfers averaged above 4Mbps and was extremely stable.

The installation is pretty straightforward, select your operating system and download the executable file. Once installed Feem throws up a neat window with minimal options. Again for a guy coming from ShareIT, Feem seems too easy to be true. The user interface is divided into two panes, the left side shows the Wi-Fi network you are connected to and the left pane will show up the progress bar.

Despite being a file sharing software Feem comes with an interface similar to WhatsApp or any other Instant messaging platform. Once you pair with the other device you can hit off by a chat message and then select the attachment option to upload your files. Just to ensure that it works as advertised I used it to move files between my Windows laptop to MacBook and also from my Android phone to the Windows laptop and each time it worked flawlessly well.

Feem is offered in two variants, the free version comes with certain restrictions, for instance, you can’t change the path of the downloaded file and don’t get high priority email support. For usual home use, the free edition is more than enough. Furthermore, the makers of Feem assure that the connection is device to device and there are no chances of interception.

The Verdict

I have been trying out several file transfer services since ages and none of them offered such a simplistic yet functional approach. The cross-compatibility of the software is yet another talking point and not to mention the seamless connectivity. I would sheepishly agree that Feem has overwhelmed me and if you don’t believe, check it out here and let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Richard Nordblum

    Feem is nowhere near as good and smooth as Xender. Xender doesn’t require internet connection too, BUT – it doesn’t require to be installed on Windows, only the Android/OS app is needed. Feem has a lot of bugs too – installer doesn’t work on many systems according to user reviews. Please, review Xender.

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