FBackup: Free all-in-one Backup Software with plugin support

Our data is not secure. We always need a backup of almost anything that is important to you. There are a lot of free backup software out there but FBackup caught my attention. FBackup is a powerful feature rich backup software that works in Windows. Like any backup solution FBackup can mirror your hard drive or backup a specific folder and drive and compress it very well.

FBackup review

What makes FBackup stand out is the simple interface. Any non-technical person can easily work with this software without even looking the help file. Then interface is very minimalistic, with few options, which makes it very easier to operate. Make no mistake even if the interface is simple it’s very powerful.

FBackup has ZIP64 support (it can create backups of over 2 GB) and creates standard zip files, meaning that you can access it with any zip compatible utility. FBackup tests the backup files automatically to ensure the backup is safe by using CRC32. FBackup works with mapped network drives and UNC paths without any problem. FBackup works with all versions of Windows.

To get started with the backup, you can go to FBackup File Menu –> Tools and select Getting Started.


Here you can select Backup to start your first backup. From there on, it’s pretty much self-explanatory and you just need to follow the wizard that will take you through the options and start the backup.  If you need to restore anytime, you need to use the Restore option.

One of the best feature of FBackup is the support of various plugins. FBackup supports a lot of plugins which can execute predefined backup jobs for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook, Chrome, etc. so it has the ability to back up these applications data as  well and restore it when needed. There are a lot of built-in plugins and the rest you can download from of the internet. You have the option to disable, enable, install and uninstall a particular plugin.


To access the plugins you can go to File Menu –> Tools –> Plugins. Here you can download, Enable & Disable a particular plugin. To backup these application using the plugin you can go to File –> New Backup, then give a name for your backup and select a location for your backup. Once that’s done, select Next and it will ask you to select the files and folders you need to back up. Just click on the drop-down and select the plugin you want from the list, like Outlook, Windows Live, etc. and then click Next.

FBackup will then ask you if you need to Encrypt the files and password protect it. If you wish select the option to password protect it, I would recommend it. Then you can either select Manual or you can schedule it weekly or monthly. Once you select that option just click on Save and select either Save and run or just save and your done.

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To conclude, FBackup is an excellent software with lot of features and it’s very easy to use with plugin support as well. If you’re looking for a free backup software FBackup sure deserves a chance. You can download it here.

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