How to disable Low Disk Space Message in Windows 10


  1. Victor: I’m afraid, you cannot specify different thresholds.

    Brian: You can delete the created DWORD NoLowDiskSpaceChecks OR give it a value “0” (zero) or if you are using our Ultimate Windows Tweaker, re-enable the option and click Apply.

  2. @ windows club
    great thanks very helpful i used your Ultimate Windows Tweaker(which is a great well written program) so should be ok. i use a ssd for my paging file and have been getting the notification pop up for ages.

  3. @ windows club
    i have had to re-enable this function after experiencing problems. it was causing windows explorer to *freeze up* after re-enable windows explorer had no problems fine.

  4. Hi Brian,

    I have been disabling this notification ever since I remember. It is even disabled now with no issues. But since your experience differs, I think its good that you have renabled it. 🙂


  5. I do not have a folder labeled “explorer” under “policies”, can I create this DWord in the “polcies” folder for the same effect?

  6. No, you would create the Explorer key, and put the DWord there. Or alternatively, put in the same place, but starting from HKLM rather than HKCU.

  7. there is no fking
    in my windows 7

  8. If you’re only missing the “Explorer” part, right-click on Policies and click New > Key, name it “Explorer”.

  9. I am using windows 10 and I don’t have last folder in the directory called explorer. I have added the new Dword value under the polices but I still experience this warning issue. I have multiple hard drives in my computer so it is giving me unnecessary warnings about hard drives that are full ( I know don’t need a warning for this) that aren’t part of the local disk or operating system.

  10. This has not worked. Tried numerous times. Initially there was no folder call Explorer folder in the Policies folder so made one. There was an Explorer folder in the CurrentUser directory but that did not have a NoLowDiskSpaceCheck line. I added one there for good measure but no joy. From my reading, I am not the only one for whom this fix did not work.


  11. ” HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer

    Create a new DWORD Value named NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and give it value 1″

    So can I change the value to 2 ? I heard from one of my friends, he says i can change the value to 2, but it obstructs every warning when Windows gets wrong.

  12. Or you can turn of and hide the notification in the properties of the taskbar. right click the taskbar and select properties and then show hide notifications and hide it.

  13. I don’t want Windows to keep notifying me but I still want it to check before it tries to write a file that’s too big to fit. Also there was no Explorer folder thing inside Policies and when I added it along with the advised key, the notifications didn’t stop.

  14. hi i have a bran new conputer its a pavilion windows 10 and low disc spaces keeps coming up and i have lots and lots of soace how do i shut this off

  15. For me there is no explorer file in Policies, there is no folder at all inside of policies, there is a separate explorer file in the current version but not under policies

  16. I am having the same issue with there being no Explorer folder. for me this all started after a recent update in windows that seems to have decided that one of the tiny leftover partitions from when i put my SSD’d in a raid 0 volume is actually a d drive … i also cant just delete or modify the partition label so that windows ignores it like it used to

    also cunningly enough even tho there are no files on the drive that i can find with either file explorer , the command prompt CLI or Powershell the partition apparently only has 41.5 of 449 M free yes it created me a 449 M nothing drive

  17. Does not work, issue is after Policies there is no explorer drop down in my windows 10 to modify, and changing those values in policies does nothing.

  18. I am getting the low disk space on disk F: disk F: is my cdrom drive and if you go to the drive there is nothing found. Can I disable it just for disk F?

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