Facebook app for Windows 10 Review: Good enough

Almost everyone with a computer and Internet uses Facebook, so it makes sense for the social network to make available an app in the Windows Store. The question is, how does it stack up to the regular app in the web browser? To get the official Facebook app for Windows 10, you will need to visit the Windows Store and search for “Facebook.” Usually, the app will show up as soon as the Windows Store is launched, this happens due to its popularity.

Facebook app for Windows 10

Facebook app for Windows 10

Click on the app then click on the button that says, “Install.” It shouldn’t take long for it download, so just kick back and watch a few cat videos on YouTube if you have a slow connection.

After the download is completed, click on “Open,” and voila, the Facebook app for Windows 10 is ready and waiting to be used.

Once the app is opened, users should see the options to either sign-in with their current Facebook user information, or sign-up to the service. Doing either is pretty straightforward, so just follow the instructions carefully and everything should turn out just fine.

Now, when it comes down to the usability of the Facebook app, I have to say that in some ways, it is better than using Facebook via a web browser. The design looks sleek and clean.

Look to the left side of the app to view several basic options. It is home to Messages, all your favorite groups, News Feed, your timeline among other things. The right-side is home to the message box and where you’ll view those who are currently online or offline.

Let’s go back to the left-side for a moment and check the very top. There should be a hamburger menu, click on it to gain access to the Settings. Once opened, the Settings menu will appear at the right-side of your screen.’

From here you can check on Notifications and Account Settings. Bear in mind that clicking on Account Settings will take you out of the app and into the web browser.

Overall, I found the Facebook app for Windows 10 to be more than capable. There’s one thing I found daunting, the inability to reply directly to someone in a group. Apart from that, everything runs fine.

Download the Facebook app from the Windows Store for free.

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