Eset Hidden File System Reader removes all traces of Rootkits

Malware infections have evolved far beyond our imagination. They aren’t just viruses and worms; but today they are more diverse, complex and destructive. Today, it’s possible that someone may access your computer without you even knowing about it. For instance, Rootkits can provide hackers with administrative access to your computer. These can be installed within different types of products and further be used to remotely control a device. Eset Hidden File System Reader is a forensic tool to analyze active infections. It can help remove all traces of Rootkits from your Windows system. Let’s see how.

Eset Hidden File System Reader

ESET Hidden File System Reader is an easy-to-use Windows application which runs automatically from command-line. It provides a simple means of cleaning all traces left by rootkits. The important features of this tool are:

  1. No need for configuration
  2. Easy to use software
  3. All the procedures are performed automatically
  4. Identifies and cleans majority of infected files
  5. Minimum CPU and RAM Consumption

Threats Detected and Removed by ESET Hidden File System Reader

  • TDL3 and modifications
  • TDL4 and modifications
  • Sirefef (ZeroAccess)
  • Goblin (XPAJ)
  • Olmasco
  • Rovnix.A
  • Rovnix.B
  • The Flame

How It Works

  1. Download Eset Hidden File System Reader

Download Eset Hidden File System Reader from its official homepage. Select your operating system.

Eset Hidden File System Reader

  1. Installation

It does not require installation. You can simply drop the executable file into a custom directory on the computer and simply click it to run.

Eset Hidden File System Reader

  1. How it works

The software can be run by double-clicking on the executable file or by running it from Command Prompt dialog. This immediately starts the scan-and-remove operation, which can take some time to finish depending on the threat.

Eset Hidden File System Reader

  1. View log information

The user can view the log information in a plain text document which is created in the same location as Hidden File System Reader. The report gives details about the scan start time, operating system, drive names, bytes per sector, and sizes.

Eset Hidden File System Reader

  1. Minimum CPU and RAM consumption

While using this software, we noticed minimal CPU and RAM consumption hence it allows the users to carry on with their normal activity on the computer. There were no error dialogs seen during testing and also the tool did not freeze or crash.

Eset Hidden File System Reader is one of the most convenient and straightforward methods which can be used for effectively detecting and eliminating Rootkit traces. And the best part about this tool is that it doesn’t prompt users for any configuration and interference giving the user utmost freedom. You can download Eset Hidden File System Reader by clicking here.

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  1. ReadandShare

    Seems to be made for Win 8 and older??

  2. Dan

    Well, at least it might be equivalent to a MS Malicious Software Removal Tool but still being maintained to support older or deprecated MS systems (like XP).

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