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How to enable Dark theme for Twitter App in Windows 10

Twitter for Windows 10 is a Universal Windows Application for Windows 10 PCs and tablets which give you instant access to your Twitter account. Lovers of themes with dark or black backgrounds will be happy to know that you can also enable the dark theme for the Twitter app.

First, here are some other highlights of the Twitter for Windows 10 app:

Enable Dark theme for Windows 10 Twitter App

Now to enable the Dark theme, type Twitter on your Windows 10 search box and open the trusted Twitter desktop app and login to your account.

From the left panel, select Me and then click on Settings on the right side.

Go to the Personalization tab.

Switch the color theme from Light to Dark and save when asked. 

The app will restart to apply the changes and that’s it. You are done with the color theme settings on your Twitter app.

Besides the change in color scheme, you can also adjust other settings of your Twitter account right from here.

You can post a new Tweet right from the app and can also search for any Twitter handle using the Search option in the left panel.

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