Easy Context Menu freeware lets you add Program or Icon to Right Click Menu


  1. Block keyboard and mouse seems dangerous.
    Open Command prompt here is good (providing you have the ability to open this as admin)
    Adding new programs to the list is good.

  2. Any changes or updates you make to your context menu can only be used
    with the easy context menu software installed on your pc. The program
    adds files to your program files that are required to run any changes
    you make to your context menu. Because of this, all changes and
    modifications you make only work where the program is installed.

    This make all changes, corrections or customization of the context menu
    useless on your other computers – you cannot use your customized menus
    on other computers or if you rebuild your pc.

    If this program only edited the registry and did NOT have to use outside files – you could save your custom menus as .reg files and use them anywhere you
    want. You could rebuild your pc and automatically recreate your custom
    menus. You could create custom menus and use them on any other pc.

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