Set Bing and Spotlight images as background or lock screen in Windows 10, automatically


  1. This is supposed to change the backround automatically or not ? cause since I installed it ,it hasn’t changed

  2. Nice that it has now worked for you. You can make a note, when does it changes so that you can expect it to change daily at that time. Also one can choose the option to get a notification alert when a new image is available.

  3. Awesome, thank you! It doesn’t match the windows spotlight image on my lock screen, but that’s kind of cool too. Thank you!

  4. My Pictures are now filling up with these (wonderful) images,and I can’t recall which of these methods I used to set them up, so I can change the destination Save folder.
    Having upgraded to 1703 Settings have changed: where is the above Autosave option now?
    Thank you in advance

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