Set Bing and Spotlight images as background or lock screen in Windows 10, automatically

Who doesn’t want to have their background, lock screen images getting regularly changed with beautiful images. We get to see stunning images from Bing daily – and also Windows Spotlight images. Although Bing provides option to save the image of the day, for Windows Spotlight images one has to do it manually to save Windows Spotlight Lock Images.

Set Bing and Spotlight images as background, lock screen

The Dynamic Theme app for Windows 10 PCs and Windows Phones does all this automatically. This Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app is a must have app for Windows 10 users. It provides an option to use Bing images and Windows Spotlight images to be used as background, lock screen images. Not only that, it can save these images to a folder of your choice. Apart from that it has many other options and a nice Windows Settings like interface.

Dynamic Theme app for Windows 10

Let us check some details of Dynamic Theme app for Windows 10.

Setting Background: The Background image can be set from various options.

Dynamic Theme app for Windows 10

  • Photo : One can choose photo of his choice
  • Bing : Use this option to set the daily Bing picture as background.
  • Windows Spotlight : Use this option to set the Windows Spotlight image as background.
  • One Bing image : Any one particular Bing image can be set as background
  • One Windows Spotlight image : Any one particular Windows Spotlight image can be set
  • Slideshow : One can choose the Photo album folder containing pictures which will be shown as Slideshow. Multiple folders too can be chosen. It also provides option to set the timing to set how often the picture changes. Also has option to show it randomly.
  • System settings

One can also Preview the Bing image of the day. And these settings can be Synchronized across ones devices.

Setting Lock Screen :  The Lock screen image can be set from various options same as for Settings Background image. The options provided are – System settings, Photo, Bing, Windows Spotlight, One Bing image, One Windows Spotlight image, Slideshow.

It also has option to Preview the Windows Spotlight of the day.


Daily Bing Image : In this option one can Preview the Daily image. Also one can set a notification to alert when a new Bing image is available with Preview.  And one has option to set the Timing of the Alert to. Below image shows the notification alert of the same.


If you have a Tile of Dynamic Theme app on the Start screen, one can set it as Live tile showing the Bing image of the day

Another nice feature here is, one can save the daily Bing image in the folder of your choice.


Another cool feature is choice of the region from which you want to get the daily Bing images. As Bing provides images to various region according to that region. It provides a list of countries to choose from.


And these settings can be synchronized across devices.

Daily Windows Spotlight image: The various options provided for setting Daily Windows Spotlight images are same as for setting the Daily Bing images.


Though the choice of region for Windows Spotlight not available as the Spotlight image is same across region. Also the Windows Spotlight images can be saved to a folder of users choice. This is very nice feature else it was a tedious process to save it manually.


This app for Windows Phone 10 has similar features.


So for those who wants to add stunning images from Bing and Windows Spotlight to their background or lock screen, be it their PC or Windows Phone 10 devices, can download the Dynamic Theme app going to the Windows Store.

This post will help you if your Windows Spotlight is not working.

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  1. Robi Parvez

    best post everrrrrr 😀

  2. LR

    This is supposed to change the backround automatically or not ? cause since I installed it ,it hasn’t changed

  3. LR

    Froget about the comment, it already changed

  4. vasudevG

    Nice that it has now worked for you. You can make a note, when does it changes so that you can expect it to change daily at that time. Also one can choose the option to get a notification alert when a new image is available.

  5. DanniBambi

    Awesome, thank you! It doesn’t match the windows spotlight image on my lock screen, but that’s kind of cool too. Thank you!

  6. Gershon Dharmanandan

    Why does it only update every day, windows spotlight is quicker to update.

  7. Colin_Brown

    My Pictures are now filling up with these (wonderful) images,and I can’t recall which of these methods I used to set them up, so I can change the destination Save folder.
    Having upgraded to 1703 Settings have changed: where is the above Autosave option now?
    Thank you in advance

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