Duplicacy is a cloud backup tool for Windows PC

There are few tools in the market that can take backup of cloud data. However, very few are efficient; and most importantly, free. Duplicacy is one such almost-free-for-personal-use cloud backup tool for Windows. With the help of this tool, you can take the backup of your data on several popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Google Cloud, Dropbox, AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure.

We deal with huge amount of data every day. It may be important files, images or photographs; every one of us wants to make sure that our data remains safe. Taking a backup of this data on a regular basis is the only way to keep the data safe. Duplicacy helps you take backup of your important data from time to time.

Cloud backup tool

Duplicacy comes with a lot of interesting features. Some of these features are as follows:

Free cloud backup tool for Windows

  • Incremental backup: If you are using Duplicacy, the free cloud backup tool for Windows, then you don’t have to remember what you updated and when. This tool takes the backup of only the data that has been changed.
  • Full snapshot: Though Duplicacy takes backup of only that data which is changed, it will still give you a snapshot of complete data. The complete picture of the backed up data helps in easy restoration and deletion of any unwanted data.
  • Deduplication: Duplicacy, the free cloud backup tool for Windows does not store multiple copies of the same data. It identifies the duplicate data at two levels; namely, file-level duplication (recognizes identical files) and block-level duplication (recognizes identical parts from different files). This kind of duplicate data is stored as one copy by Duplicacy tool.
  • Encryption: With Duplicacy tool, you will be able to encrypt not only the file contents but also file paths, sizes and times.
  • Deletion: If you feel that certain data or file is useless and want to delete it; then you can do so without affecting other data. In fact, Duplicacy tool gives you the freedom of deleting every data in the backup storage.
  • Concurrent backup: Duplicacy, the Free cloud backup tool for Windows allows multiple clients to take back up to the same storage at the same time.
  • Backup migration: If you want to migrate all or selected data backup to any other cloud storage, you can do so with the help of Duplicacy.

Duplicacy for Windows PC

To use Duplicacy as a free cloud backup tool for Windows, download it from the website. This tool is around 8 MB in size and doesn’t take much time to download. Open the EXE file and it will install the tool on its own.

When you open the tool,you will be asked if you want to buy a license or use it as a free trial. The Personal License costs just $1 per month, and so we say it is as good as free.

Next, you can see the following window, with three tabs; Backup, Restore, and Logs.

Free cloud backup tool for Windows

Click on ‘Repository’ to select the data, files or folders you want to take the backup of. Click the button next to the text input used to display the repository, and the repository setup dialog will appear.

Free cloud backup tool for Windows

With this dialog, click on ‘Choose’ to select the repository. If you intend to back up everything in the repository, click ‘Save’ and you can jump to the next section on storage setup. Otherwise, you can add exclude/include patterns so that only certain files or directories will be backed up. To exclude a directory, click the Exclude a directory button and select the directory to be excluded.

Once you select the files or folders to be backed up; select the Storage where you want to store your data. Click on the icon next to ‘Storage’ and you will see following setup dialog.

Free cloud backup tool for Windows

Select the storage as per your requirement. Each of the storage types  has a slightly different setup, which you can learn from the guide on Duplicacy, the free cloud backup tool for Windows.

Storage Encryption: As soon as the storage configuration is done, Duplicacy will first determine if the storage has already been initialized. If it has not, it will present this dialog to you.

Free cloud backup tool for Windows

Here, if you want to encrypt the storage, select a password and enter it twice. If you leave the password empty, the storage will not be encrypted, and anyone else who can access the storage can access your backups too.

Free cloud backup tool for Windows

Once you set up the storage, Duplicacy main window re-appears that show you the selected Repository and Storage text field  populated. The main window has several fields with which you can customize the frequency of the backed up the data. To decide the upload speed, enter a number indicating the maximum upload speed (in kilobytes/Sec) in the Rate Limit text field. If you leave it empty, there will be no rate limiting.

You can start the backup operation manually by clicking the ‘Start’ button. You can also setup the Schedule to run at specific times by checking the checkbox. This determines the first backup time of the day, the backup frequency, and the selected days of the week.

Restore: Under the Restore tab, you can restore the files from a backup created previously. However, you need to stop any running or scheduled backup.

Free cloud backup tool for Windows

Duplicacy as a Windows Service:

You can also run Duplicacy for Windows as a Windows service in order to run backups at the scheduled time without a user logged in. To install Duplicacy as a service, run the installer with administrator rights, and there will be a dialog to let you choose from installing for all users or installing for the current user only.


Overall, the tool seems to be user-friendly and also efficient. Download this tool from their website and let us know your take on it. Its personal license costs $1 pm and is thus almost free to anyone needing to back up their personal data such as documents, photos, and videos. Note that Duplicacy cannot be used to create backups on a computer unless that computer has a commercial license.

If you are looking for completely free solutions, take a look at the following instead – SafeCopy, Code:Backup, Gobbler or Veeam Endpoint Backup.

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