How to disable Touch Screen functionality in Windows 10

A Windows Tablet is capable of offering the best of both the worlds – Touch and Mouse/Keyboard input. If your device has them and if you want to, for some reason disable the touch screen on your laptop, ultrabook, notebook or touch device and strictly use your Windows 10/8/7 device as a PC with the classic mouse and keyboard combination, you can do so as follows. Windows 10 does not have any built-in option to turn off the touch screen on the fly, by you do so by using the Device Manager.

Disable TouchScreen in Windows 10

If you wish to permanently disable Touch Screen feature in Windows 10, you can do so using Device Manager.

Right-click on the Start button to open the WinX Menu. From the WinX Menu, open Device Manager and search for Human Interface Devices. Expand it.

Then, right-click on HID-compliant touch screen and from the list of options displayed, select ‘Disable’.

Disable Touch Screen in Windows

Instantly, a confirmation pop-up will appear on your device screen, requesting you to confirm the decision. Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. Do you really want to disable it? Click ‘Yes.’

disabled HID

Your touch screen functionality will be disabled immediately.

At any point, if you would like to enable touch screen functionality again, simply go back to the Device Manager, right-click HID compliant touch screen, and select Enable.

Remember, you will be required to restart your PC to enable the touch screen functionality again.

If you find that your Windows Touch Screen Laptop, Tablet or Surface Tablet Touch Screen is not working, you may try some of these tips and see if they help you troubleshoot and fix the problem. See this post titled – Windows laptop or Surface Touch Screen not working.

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  1. Kent Chan

    I could not find “HID-compliant touch screen” in my window 10, would you please share how to add it in my window?

  2. Hoang

    I had a hard time finding it too. It’s in control panel -> devices -> connected devices -> Device manager. Then you’ll see the screenshot that is displayed.

  3. Michael Wagner

    I do not show “connected devices” under “devices”.

  4. allison Scarboro

    hope this helps. it took me forever to find it. I am on a laptop, not a tablet….. if you are in the: divice manager

    go to “N-trig DuoSense(R) Digitizers” and then

    go to “N-trig DuoSense Touch HID Interface”

    left click on this option and disable it. this should disable the touchscreen.

  5. I wasn’t required to restart my PC when enabling the touch screen again. You said I’d be required to…

  6. When I right click on Human Interface Devices there are two choices: Scan for Hardware Changes, and Properties. Neither guides me to the screen you show, which I would love to get to. Ideas?

  7. An R

    Click on the Arrow that is to the left of the label Human Interface Devices. You should be able to see a list then.

  8. Thanks. List came up, but it’s shorter. Has several of the items on it, but not the touchscreen item. In windows 8.1 you went to the mouse item on the control panel and there was an easy way to turn off the touchpad. I don’t find that now. Very frustrating. I appreciate your time. If you have more ideas, I’m all ears. Smile.

  9. I found the HID Compliant Mouse item by going to Control Panel, Mouse, and then Hardware. But, it can’t be clicked on to disable. Any other thoughts?

  10. kevin

    This article was very helpful thank you…im on windows 10. I just held win and x and then clicked device manger..etc like you said worked like a charm..thanks again

  11. Rigoberto De La Rosa Jr.

    So my insp one 2020 touchscreen cracked and now I cannot even log in to deactivate due to multiple touch sensory haywire going on…can I deactivate with safe boot menu?

  12. I have done this a few times, but the touch screen functionality repairs, mends, or resets itself to my great consternation. I work with the laptop on my chest lying in bed, and I need to hold it up with my left hand. This touch screen is a huge nuisance especially when it restores itself without my permission!

  13. Billy64

    Fantastic ! Thanks , My Surface Pro 3 is now like a paper sheet. Wonderful device.
    Normally the proximity of the stylus turns off the touchscreen but sometime you touch with your hand before the stylus activates and write with the hand without wanting.
    That way deactivating the touchscreen its much more ergonomic , I just have to create a batch file or shortcut to turn off and on more easily the touchscreen

  14. omiazad

    This do not work actually!

  15. is it possible to keep it off after a restart? I cracked the screen and need to keep the touchscreen off.

  16. Jordan Dunn

    Are you sure your trying to diable the touch screen and not the touch pad???

  17. I rarely know what I want to do! 🙂 My touch screen no longer acts like one (which is what I want) and I really want to know how to turn off the touchpad (even thought that may not have been my original question). I use only a mouse, and the touchpad is annoying i I happen to drag my hand over it. Do you know how to disable the touchpad in Windows 10?

  18. Garrett Dean

    Excellent work!

  19. namitutonka

    I’d like to get a touchscreen laptop/tablet. I’ve heard that touchscreen functionality consumes quite a bit of power, so much so that there is a loss of several hours of battery life, shortening unplugged daily use time, AND this power draw even happens with the touchscreen functionality disabled. Can you confirm this? Are there any such touchscreen devices that actually can cut off touchscreen power drain, when the touchscreen is disabled?

  20. bigdawgman

    Worked perfectly! Thanks!! My screen is cracked and does the phantom touch thing.

  21. LOLman

    Thank you GOD !!!
    My screen was going all whack’o on me 😛

  22. H. Dumpty

    Yes, exact same for me. Glad to read I am not crazy. Seems to reset itself. I have also gone into system settings and disabled switching into tablet mode. The touchscreen stays disabled though. It is somehow installing a new device driver to mend?

  23. Derek Brown

    Did you figure this out? Mine also keeps re-enabling itself.

  24. Derek Brown

    Did you ever find the fix? Mine also keeps re-enabling itself.

  25. patrick

    I have been disabling this every time I restart the computer. Today, it re-enabled itself somehow, so I uninstalled it. An hour or so later, it re-enabled itself! How is this happening?!?

  26. patrick

    The computer, by the way, is an HP – ENVY 27″ (Model: 27-p014).

  27. Jas

    Maybe the automatic update in Windows is reinstalling the driver.

  28. patrick

    Nope… I uninstalled the driver every time I boot up, but… whenever I attach a new drive or insert an SD card into the computer, it automatically re-installed itself somehow. I can’t get a response from HP.

  29. Reada Rantz

    Thank you thank you thank you! I was able to disable my touch screen on my brand new Dell laptop. I have had it 24 hours and the only solution the Microsoft store had was to replace it! Ugg! Hopefully, this will solve the problem. Don’t really need touch screen. I just need the computer to function! Thank you again!!

  30. Shell

    Thank you! Can’t believe this genius who wrote this couldn’t include that info

  31. Harry Harris

    Thanks it worked .

  32. Indratoashura

    My screen broke, so the touch randomly messes up and the laptop goes crazy. This was very helpful, well done.

  33. RH

    I never use it, but when someone is looking at something on my laptop, they’ll point to something, touch the screen and boom! something else happens.

  34. Maxim Diderich

    This was perfectly working for me… until the creators update. I deleted the whole thing several times but after a restart it comes back. My screen is broken so the touch screen is glitching extremely and that is the reason I wanted to disable the touch screen. My laptop is connected to a monitor so I don’t mind that my screen is broken except that my touch screen is doing this annoying. It is really hard to disable the driver everytime I restart my laptop since when the driver is enabled it’s hard to navigate because the laptop thinks I am touching the screen like everywhere.

    How can I remove this driver in a way that it doesn’t come back?

  35. Maxim Diderich

    Same problem but I’ve got an Asus laptop. Every time I turn my monitor on my touch screen driver suddenly comes back.

  36. Jenny

    I have this problem, too. I wish you could just hold down Esc or Shift or something to cancel the touch-screen when someone is about to point to something. (super helpful for parents of small kids!!)

  37. Susie Dalton

    Can I also add that this is very useful article. Others don’t explain that you need to right click to get the Disable come up…..I have two flies getting jiggy on my screen and it has caused me huge problems – so relieved to be able to turn the blasted thing of!

  38. Petri Ahava

    Excellent advice! Uraa!

  39. wairererose

    I have just discovered that my computer had installed another touch screen option under NextWindow Touch Screen Device – Disabling that has resulted in turning the touch screen off. Prior to that I had managed to get two ‘ordinary’ touch screen devices, disabling both made no difference. Check if the latest updates have caused any changes in name to your touch screen in the listing.

  40. Abhinash

    I use a HP 745 G3 running on Win10 and I am unable to find the HID-compliant touch screen option on the Device Manager. Is there an alternative way?

  41. Michael Agbeti

    Worked perfectly, thanks for your help

  42. shamith lokuge

    Thanks really needful

  43. ClockworkDawn

    Thank you! Computer screen broke, kept glitching and getting ghost touches. Thanks to you, I don’t have to spend a couple hundred on a new computer. You da man.

  44. StarDelay RotMG

    thanks so much, my pc was unusable for me for a while

  45. Hannah Skiles

    Wow that was so easy. I cracked my SP3 and the touch screen was causing all sorts of havoc. I can use it with a cracked screen but took a lot of work to keep it from opening all sorts of pages. Disabled it works fine with a mouse. Thank you!

  46. Joseph C. Dean

    Thanks…the ghost mouse was driving me crazy.

    I’d read everything form going into the cmd prompt to moisture behind the screen causing this “ghost mouse” issue. But fortunately, I also came across your advisory about doing the simplest of things to prevent the ghost mouse that was as disabling the HID touch screen in the device manager. I must add though that this had happened before until the latest October Win 10 update!

    Thanks again…you’ve made my day!

  47. patrick

    Coming back to this two years later…

    The computer was still under warranty, so I sent it back to HP and it was fixed and returned to me within a couple of weeks. I’ve not had any issues with it since.

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