5 Best Dictionary Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browsers

When you are reading an article on a website and you come across a word which you do not understand, you would normally look for some dictionary website or use the dictionary software or app in your mobile or desktop. But, there is a better way to get the meaning of the word quickly using browser extensions. If you are looking for dictionary extensions for Firefox, Chrome & Opera browsers, then this article is for you. There may be many, but I will let you know about the 5 best dictionary extensions for browsers, so that you can look up the word quickly.

Dictionary Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera

I will provide you the list which you are looking for. If you are not sure of which one to use for your browser and what features does it have, then you need look in to the list.

1. The Free Dictionary For Firefox and Chrome

The Free Dictionary is available for Mozilla and Chrome browsers. It is also available for Windows, iOS and Android mobiles. This is one of the best dictionary extensions as finding the words is very easy. Just double-click on the word for which you want the meaning and it takes you to The Free Dictionary Website. You can even select the word and click on the browser extension to find the meaning. It provides you the pronunciation and can find the synonyms of the selected word. Get it here.

Dictionary Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera

2. Urban Dictionary for Chrome & Firefox

Urban Dictionary is available as two extensions for Mozilla Firefox web browser. One Extension will be added to the list of search engines. So, when you enter any word in the search bar, then from the dropdown select the Urban Dictionary and you are taken to the website to show the meaning of the word. Another extension called Urban Dictionary Tooltip where you can select the word and you need to select Urban Dictionary in the context menu to get the meaning of the selected word. Meaning will be shown in the pop-up without leaving the window and with these both extensions of Firefox, you can even share the word.

best dictionary extensions for browsers urban dictionary

Urban Dictionary Search for Chrome adds an icon to your browser toolbar. Click on the icon, enter the word and you would see the meaning shown as a pop-up and no need to leave the window.

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3. Dictionary Anywhere for Firefox and Opera

Dictionary Anywhere is available for Mozilla and Opera. To find the meaning of a word, just double click on the word and click on the icon on the browser toolbar. It displays meaning of the word along with some options like translate, share via email, pronunciation, synonyms and more. Sharing the word to a social media is also possible with this extension.

best dictionary extensions for browsers dictionary anywhere

4. Dictionary.com for Mozilla Firefox

Dictionary.com is well known as one of the best websites for finding the meanings of words. Now, this is also available as an extension for Mozilla. Just add it to your Mozilla browser and double click on the word. Meaning is shown in a pop-up box and an audio icon is shown to hear the word. It provides you the More link, which when clicked will take you to the website. Other browser users can use Dictionary.com bookmarklet.

best dictionary extensions for browsers dictionary.com

5. GoodWordGuide.com for Chrome

GoodWordGuide.com is said to be the best dictionary extension for Chrome. As other dictionary extensions for browsers, this extension also shows the meaning when you double click on the word, but it is configurable. You can let it show the meaning when you select a word or a phrase. You can even choose the trigger key and also set the font size if you want.

best dictionary extensions for browsers goodwordguide.com

If I have missed your favorite browser dictionary extension, please do share in the comments.

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