Dependency Walker – An Advanced Troubleshooting Tool


  1. This tool has been around since… oh, my… lemmee think…

    …hmm… I think at least Win9x, if memory serves. I know I’ve had a copy on every machine I’ve ever owned for YEARS; and it’s on the thumb/flash drive that I carry around so I can work on others’ machines if it need to.

    It’s really quite good! Obviously, one needs to learn how to use it, but for what it does, it’s pretty much best-of-breed!

    Nice tip for everyone! Thanks!

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. In windows 7-Home Edition, am unable to start the service ‘Remote Access Connection Manager’ & get error 1068. Please let me know, if Dependency Walker would be able to help me out.

  3. Dependency Walker is a great tool. But remember: current versions of Windows implement features Dependency Walker doesn’t support or isn’t specifically designed for (widespread use of 64-bit operating systems, WinSxS, Folder Redirection and UAC etc.).

    For example, this can lead to situations in which certain files (such as the file in this article) might actually be available on the system, but do not show up in Dependency Walker. This limits the use of Dependency Walker as a diagnostic tool for current systems – and leaving the actual issue unresolved.

  4. I have loaded an user generated dll file in dependency walker, no function name is displayed in dependency walker in “PI” and “E” block. After expanding user dll,
    dependency walker shows various system dll files and after clicking on them, “PI” and “E” blocks are showing function declaration contained in them.
    But why it is not showing any function declaration for user generated dll file?
    Do we need to give some flags during creation of dll file? or it works only with system dll ?

  5. Hello, I used Dependecy Walker because I was trying to play a game, and I got that famous annoying error 0xc00007b. It showed me the missing dlls I had to download, and so I did, but still I would get this error. I noticed something – in the Module part, on the box that says CPU, there are tons of dlls that are in red written x64, only few are normal black written x86. I guess there is something like a mismatch going on over here, and I just don’t know how to fix it. Like, I guess the game is trying to use the x86 dlls when it should use the x64 ones. Any idea on how to fix it?

  6. If only MS would stop breaking things that worked fine yesterday… My WIn 10 machine is barely three weeks old and I’ve got two programs that worked when first installed but are now broken. One shows a list of dozens of missing files (.dll’s) in depends.exe. The machine spontaneously went through a restart last night all on its own when I wasn’t looking. This is unacceptable. MS doesn’t own my machine.

    There should probably be some mention of the compatibility option for maybe un-breaking things screwed up by MS’s latest “upgrade”.

    Win 10 is 10x worse than Win 7.

    I’m never buying another machine with Windows on it. TOTAL CRAP!!!!!!!!!

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