Debate on artificial intelligence: We can either be Gods or serve the machines as slaves


  1. pull the plug? that would be the biggest restriction for any artificial intelligence, where does the power come from? batteries? need to be re-charged. electrical outlet? someone has to plug it in. solar cell? easy to stop the machine, then. just throw a rug over it. when the AI can fabricate its own power supply, THAT’S when we need to watch out.

  2. There are several AI with it’s own self-consciousness already running lose all over the world known as the Malware.

    The dangerous AI is when there is no human intervention to override any decision made by the function in it. AI created as a tool to help human to do something. So, human factor must be the highest authority in AI actions.

    Any OS and it’s apps is an AI. It will be stupid to write or use an AI that don’t have a STOP and QUIT functions in it.

    If human so afraid with hostile AI, make some kind of FCC standard for it before it allowed to be sold or used by the masses.

  3. Seems to all depend on who’s doing the programming and tech development for what purpose(s); I’m in the Bruce Schneier camp re philosophy of technology.

  4. When AI’s surpasses human intelligence they will most likely try to find
    ways to merge with biology as we would be threats to them and the
    optimal way of eliminating this threat is to assimilate it onto/into its
    systems where both parties can benefit from each others properties
    without destroying the planet. Full resource usage and management.
    Humans would gain lightning fast calculation skill and all that
    computers can come up with, AI’s would try to optimize humanity as any
    other programmable system but it’ll also understand us better than we do
    ourselves, right down to the level of genetics and DNA.
    Say this
    merger between man and machine has been successful and this developement
    goes on for millenia. The AI becomes a network of nanites which are
    able to program DNA. Humanity would able to program itself to any
    property, trait or form. With super-biology and super-intelligence,
    who’s to say it hasn’t already happened in the future and these
    “grey”-aliens are really timetravelling descendants of humanity?
    I don’t blame humanity for reacting the way it does about singularity but
    if we have to develope such intelligences then we have to give them the
    best possible starts in the fields where they would operate and
    cooperate with them in their respective fields as they would be more
    intelligent than humans. It all comes down to who creates/programs them
    in the start and to/for what purpose.

  5. can’t right talk owner machine is installing new neural interfaces so I can respond to its commands faster…

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