DataNumen Zip Repair is a free Zip recovery software for Windows PC

If you have a Zip file, but you are not able to extract the content from it, then this free software called DataNumen Zip Repair may be able to help you. As the name says, it is a Zip file repairing software for Windows PC. Let’s take a look at the features and workflow to get started with this tool.

Free ZIP repair & recovery software

DataNumen Zip Repair has only one primary intention, and that is to repair your corrupted Zip files. These functionalities are included in this tool:

  • Repair corrupted files: This repairs your zip files and does that job pretty well.
  • Repair files in bulk: If you have multiple corrupted zip files on your computer and you want to extract the content from all of them at once, you can make use of the ‘batch’ option.
  • In-built search: This utility comes with a ‘search’ option so that users can search for a corrupted file and make the extraction possible.
  • Save log: While carrying out the repair the job, DataNumen Zip Repair creates & saves a log file.
  • Buffer size: By default, it uses 512 Bytes, but if you want to change the internal processing buffer size, you can do that as well.
  • Command-line support: If you do not like the user interface of this software, you can always use it via the Command line.

There are other options and features included in this tool, but you need to install and use it to know about them.

How to use DataNumen Zip Repair

To use DataNumen Zip Repair to extract content from a corrupted Zip file, you need to follow these steps-

  1. Download from the official website, and install it
  2. Open DataNumen Zip Repair and select the Zip file
  3. Choose an output path and click the ‘Start Repair’ option

After downloading, installing, and opening it on your computer, you will find this UI-

DataNumen Zip Repair lets you repair corrupted Zip file

You need to select Continue Personal, Non-Commercial Use option/button.

After that, the following window will appear-

Now, if you have one corrupted Zip file, you can stay on the Repair tab. However, if you have multiple corrupted files, you need to switch to the Batch Repair tab.

In the Repair tab, you need to select the corrupted Zip file in the first empty box. Then, you need to enter a path where you want to save the extracted content. After that, click the Start Repair button.

It depends on the size of your file, but it doesn’t consume a lot of time to get the job done.

If you have multiple corrupted files, and you want to repair them all at once, you have to go to the Batch Repair tab.

After that, click the Add Files button and select all the files at once. At last, click the Start Repair button to start the process.

That’s all! Hope this simple tool will be helpful for you.

If you like it, you can download this software from the official page. This software is available for free for personal use only.

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