How to create a Windows XP style toolbar in Windows 7 natively

My Windows 7 looks messy at times. Wouldn’t it be great if one could just create a Windows XP type of a toolbar that could be used in Windows 7 too. Mind well, I am not necessarily favoring any old version of Windows. I am aware change is the universal law of the nature. As such, we should welcome change rather than resisting it. But, It’s all about providing our users with different options that they deem fit to use.

Coming to the point, one of my first and favorite steps for Windows XP to create a toolbar can be used in Windows 7 too, with a minor modification. This can help you to clear up your desktop clutter too. Here’s how to go about.

Windows XP style Toolbar for Windows 7

Unlock the taskbar. To do so, right-click the ‘Start Menu’, choose Properties and select the ‘Taskbar’ tab. Next, uncheck

Lock the Taskbar’ option.

unlock taskbar

Rt-click on your Desktop and create a new folder. name it, say, MyToolbar.

Put all the shortcuts you’d like to appear in this folder.

Now drag it to any extreme side of your screen.

Say, drag it to the top of your screen, it will take the form of a thin horizontal strip.

You may drag your desktop items onto it, now too.

Rt-click on it, and select how you want it to behave.

You may want to Check on ‘Show Large Icons’ and ‘Autohide’ and Uncheck ‘Show title’ & ‘Show text’.

That’s it!

If this does not work for you, check out Coolbarz.

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    I might have missed something but this isn’t working as instructed

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