Create Right Click Context Menu Item for Software in Windows

Windows users will agree with me about the fact that Windows right-click menu, better known as Context menu is a handy tool. It allows users to add their favorite program shortcut in different versions of Windows OS. This helps you in running the program quickly and easily by just right-clicking on Desktop, quickly displaying a list of things you can do with items.

Adding or creating a program shortcut helps immensely in speeding up your work flow. However, you require to edit the registry for the purpose of adding the program that you use more frequently as a shortcut. Different registry keys control different file and folder options so, in most cases editing the registry should be avoided and if necessary, should be taken as the last resort.

If you have been hunting for the ways to create a context right-click menu for the application that does not include the right-click menu support, look no more. You have visited the right place. While at office, I was discussing with my colleague about the applications support for Windows. He mentioned that he has an application which doesn’t have a context right-click menu for his application. This idea ended up me creating a post on this topic.

Create Right Click Context Menu Item for Software

Here are few simple steps to create a right-click context menu for any of your favorite application. I am just sharing the same to everyone for your reference.

Step 1: Right click on shell and create the following registry key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\ as shown in the below screen. For demo purpose – I have added my name.

Scan for viruses

Step 2: Create the association to the “Application.exe”. Rt click on the newly created key and again create New key and name it command.

Now in the RHS panel rt click on the value and select Modify. Here insert the full path of the .exe application, eg : C:\Program Files\Ultimate Windows Tweaker.exe. For demo purpose – I have used notepad.exe.


That’s it.

You’re done with creating a right-click context menu.

Authored By : Vijay Raj, MVP.

You may want to check out our following two freeware:

  1. Right-Click Extender for Windows is a freeware utility which allows you to add some important items to the right click context menu. It allows you to add or remove  many additional options to a Drive, File, Folder, Computer and Desktop’s Right Click Context Menu.
  2. Context Menu Editor for Windows 8, Windows 7 & Vista. Context Menu Editor is a freeware tweaking utility to add/delete application shortcuts, Win32 commands, files, and website URLs to your desktop and folder context menu.

Post ported from WinVistaClub and updated and posted here.

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  1. Alex

    Step 2: Create the association to the “Application.exe”. How exactly does this do? Thank you!

  2. Viv

    I am looking for some help

    I have introduced a new drop down item ‘Encrypt’ at right click to
    all file types – therefore I had to add it in the registry as :


    Now this drop down would be visible to all type of files at their right click.

    But I also have files of type .crypt

    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTencryptedfile (encryptedfile is defined of type .crypt)

    Now I DO NOT want this drop down Encrypt to be visible when I right click files of type .crypt (or encryptedfile)

    For the rest of the files the menu Encrypt should be visible (enabled).

    How can that be achieved?

    I wish to implement this functionality by command line Registry
    modification, not by some third party tool or through C++, C# code

    Thank you very much

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