Create Right Click Context Menu Item for Software in Windows


  1. Step 2: Create the association to the “Application.exe”. How exactly does this do? Thank you!

  2. I am looking for some help

    I have introduced a new drop down item ‘Encrypt’ at right click to
    all file types – therefore I had to add it in the registry as :


    Now this drop down would be visible to all type of files at their right click.

    But I also have files of type .crypt

    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTencryptedfile (encryptedfile is defined of type .crypt)

    Now I DO NOT want this drop down Encrypt to be visible when I right click files of type .crypt (or encryptedfile)

    For the rest of the files the menu Encrypt should be visible (enabled).

    How can that be achieved?

    I wish to implement this functionality by command line Registry
    modification, not by some third party tool or through C++, C# code

    Thank you very much

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