Create Portable Apps with Cameyo for Windows

Cameyo is a free application virtualization software to create Portable Apps. It can turn Windows software into a single EXE file.  There are not many free and good application virtualization programs available in the market. Cameyo works good enough to create portable apps out of almost anything. When you have a portable app, you need not install it on any computer. You can carry the portable apps on flash drives, plug the drive into any computer and run the program without installing the program.

Running from flash drives could be slow so many people copy the portable apps to the computer before using them. This does not mean you will be leaving traces of the app you used. You simply remove/delete the program and every trace of its being used on the computer are removed. Hence, portable apps created by application virtualization programs are good when you work across computers. You do not have to install the programs on each and every computer you use.

Create Portable Apps With Cameyo

Create Portable Apps

As said earlier, Cameyo creates portable versions of almost any program. The portable programs may look a bit bulky than the regular installed peers, but then the installation has many aspects: writing files to different folders (Program Files; Common Files; System32 and more) plus to the Windows Registry. All this is captured by Cameyo and you get one single executable instead of a bunch of files and entries into Registry so that you can fire up the portable app from any computer where you want to work or need the program.

Please note that Cameyo cannot create portable apps for programs already installed. You have to reinstall the programs if you wish to make a portable app out of them. For example, if you wish to install Opera with Java and Flash (See the embedded Video below), open Cameyo and click Capture Installation.

Cameyo will be running in a corner of your desktop to capture all the files and registry entries created. It first takes a snapshot of your computer. When you install Opera, Flash and then Java, it records what all files are being created and then takes another snapshot of the computer. It extracts information related to the program or program set installed and creates a portable app out of it.

Note that since Cameyo captures system configuration as well, it creates a virtual machine while executing the portable apps created using Cameyo. If you create a portable app on your machine using Cameyo, your machine’s attributes are applied to help the portable app run properly.

Also remember to disable Windows Update and AV updates while creating a portable app using Cameyo because if you leave them running, they will be added to your portable program and will run each time you run the portable program created by Cameyo.

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Why Not Simply Use Sandbox

Using Sandbox requires you to install the sandbox and then run the application. In this case, it is not necessary that the whole program will be isolated from the machine. Registry entries may be made and some files may be stored to other file locations. Thus, sandbox is not as much reliable for running apps as portable apps. The portable apps may be run from Sandbox for added safety – that is, if you feel the need. In all cases, there will be the need to install the sandbox software to the computers where you wish to use your application. Instead of going through all that, creating a portable app is easier. You just have to do it once and then you can use it on all machines – in or without a sandbox.

Here is a video that explains you how to create a portable app out of Opera, Java and Flash.

Cameyo free download

You can download Cameyo from their website. Your security software may give out a malware warning but they are false positives as is being reported by many over the Internet. Here is a video that explains you how to create a portable app out of Opera, Java and Flash.

Among the different app virtualization tools, Cameyo is good, if not the best. Thinapp is better but comes at a cost. If you do not wish to pay for creating portable apps, you should give Cameyo Application Virtualization software a try. P-Apps too is free and it to helps create a portable version of any software.

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