How to create Custom Themes in Windows 10

Windows 10 has been improvising itself in terms of making it more personal since its launch. Windows 10 Version 1703 has seen  lots and lots of changes in the Personalization section of the Settings app. Among the new features that Microsoft bundled in the Creators Update, the resurrection of Windows Themes is one major addition. You can now download several themes from the Windows Store which houses an abundance of it. However, if you’re a person who will not settle up for basics, you can easily create your custom themes in Windows 10. In this post, we’ll talk about how one can create custom themes in Windows 10 with a bunch of selected images.

Create Custom Themes in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes pre-loaded with a bunch of default themes. You can choose a theme and even change the color, background images and sounds associated with the underlying theme. Switching between the downloaded themes is really as easy as ABC. Just one click would be enough for that.

Creating a customized theme of your own is also pretty easy. All you need is a package of one or more background images. Follow the below steps to create your custom theme:

1. Gather all the images you would like as the wallpapers for your theme and put them in a folder on your local drive.

Create Custom Themes in Windows 10

2. Go to Settings app (WinKey + I) and select Personalization.

3. Select Background on the left navbar. Now, on the right side window, click Browse button present under Choose albums for your slideshow. Select the folder which contains your chosen images.

How to create custom themes in Windows 10

4. Next up, go to Colours tab and select an accent color for your theme. You can even choose to pick an accent color automatically from the active background image.

How to create custom themes in Windows 10

5. Now, your custom theme is ready and you just need to save it. Go to Themes tab and click on Save button present there. Note that before saving your theme name is just Custom and it will not be visible in the collection of themes present on this leaf. Once you save the theme, it will be listed on the page and the given name should appear on the top.

Tweaking your custom Windows 10 theme

Once your custom theme is created, you can even change the settings at any later point of time.

Background Images

For changing the settings related to wallpapers included in your theme, you can jump on to the Backgrounds tab and modify the appearance per your taste. You can change the frequency on which the background images changes, choose to shuffle the images and select an appropriate screen fit for the wallpapers.


For changing color settings, you need to sail over to the Colours tab. Here, you can disable or enable transparency effects, enable the accent color on Start menu, taskbar, title bars and action center etc. and of course, choose between light or dark theme for the entire OS.

Sounds and Mouse Cursor

While creating a custom theme, you get the default settings for Sounds and Mouse cursor. Although, you can change them later as per your wish. Just click on the respective option on Themes page and select the one which suits you well.

That’s about it, folks! Hope this has been helpful in customizing your system appearance.

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