How to create a Remote Desktop Connection shortcut in Windows 10


  1. Or you can just pin it to the taskbar. When rdp is open right click the icon on taskbar then click pin this program to taskbar. Alternately you can open rdp by typing mstsc in the run box.

  2. but with windows 10 we have lost an interesting feature when you pin on the taskbar… On Win 8.1 or 7, if you right click on the RDP icon of the taskbar, you can then pin a list of computers, but with Windows 10 we are now limited to only 2 remote computers…

  3. I have installed Windows 10 fresh (paid for it) and there is no RDC app on it, you can download a store app but the options seem limited. I’m trying to have multimon option set for when i work from home but can’t find where to set it. And googling doesnt help yet.

  4. My current system allows me to pin up to 8 on Windows 10, but after that I cannot pin any more. On Windows 7/8.1 it allowed for at least 12 so it is mildly frustrating to be even more restricted.

  5. Thanks for the info. Additionally, tools like logmein, R-HUB remote support servers, teamviewer etc. can also be used for remotely accessing computers.

  6. Is that true? Win 10 doesn’t offer RDC for free?
    Use third party free software like AEROADMIN or tv. No headache.

  7. I’d done this on Win 7, pinning over a dozen or so RDPs on my task bar. Upgraded to Win10, worked fine-until last week’s update! The pinned RDPs do nothing; when I open up the path to where they really are, and klik on them, still nothing. I can rightklik on both the pins and the directory entry, see ‘connect’ and ‘edit’, but neither works. I’m back to: run rdp, open rdp file, connect. Any ideas how to fix this?

  8. and how do you make a desktop shortcut from that? Seriously, Windows 10 does not let you make a shortcut to a program from the search screen. But the search screen is the only way to find the program in Windows 10. Ridiculous.

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