How to use Paint 3D App to create cool 3D Images in Windows 10


  1. as an indian , i find the above image as an offence to all the brothers and sisters of INDIA , hence the image must be removed or severe action will be taken against the author and the website

  2. Which image are you referring to? The one of India or the various other ads that pop up on the page? If its the image of the country you’ve got serious issues. I would think one would be more offended if he put an image of one of your sacred animals being butchered than a picture of where all of your brothers and sisters come from.

  3. Who said it is the map of any country? I have nowhere mentioned any country’s name. It is just an abstract image drawn by hand.

  4. saar,i have eyes saar, u have not perfectly drawn India map perfectly

    full of mistakes saar

    hence baan saar

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