Show CPU, Network, Disk Usage, Memory in Taskbar using XMeters for Windows

If you are using a computer, you might know that there are several components like the motherboard, processor, hard disk, RAM, etc. that make it. A time may come when you need to check the health of your computer components. There are many software that can help you test them and one of them is called XMeters. XMeters for Windows will display the CPU, Network, Disk Usage, Storage, RAM usage. etc, in the Taskbar & help you monitor your system performance.

Show CPU, Network, Disk Usage, Memory in Taskbar

The advantage of using XMeters is you can monitor system resources all the times. As all the data are visible on the Taskbar and you do not have to open any window to see te stats.

XMeters is a very easy to use software. Before using this tool, you should know that it doesn’t show any additional information apart from shown bars in the Taskbar. In other words, you need to recognize the process that is consuming more resources than others. you can find a window something like this;

After downloading and installing it, you will see a window like this-

Check CPU, network, disk usage in system tray using Xmeters

Here, you can choose what you want to show and the appearance. For example, you can show or hide CPU usage, storage, network usage, and memory. Apart from that, you can change the colors of the outline, system, and user. It is also possible to show all the info as bar, pie, or text. If you have a 4-core machine and you want to show a bar each for every core, tyou can do this too.

After making all the changes, you will see the details being displayed as follows-

Show CPU, Network, Memory, Disk Usage in Taskbar using XMeters

By default, it refreshes all the data every 3 second, which is not changeable in the free version. The paid version users can change the refresh rate. However, if you do not want to do so, stick with the free version.

XMeters download

If you like, you can download XMeters from here.

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  1. Bob ONeill

    So far it doesn’t work on Server 2012, Server 2016 and 8.1 embedded.

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