Cortana Search Box turned white on Windows 10

The Black Theme is one of the favorite themes of Windows 10 users, and if you see anything which is white it gets annoying. Take a case of Taskbar which is usually dark, but when you look at Cortana search bar you will see that it has turned white. In this post, we will share a couple of tips which will allow you to set Cortana Search bar to black.

Cortana Search Bar turned white

Cortana Search Bar turned white

Remember, these fixes will change all white search boxes to black, and one of the fixes need admin privileges.

1] Change Default App Mode

Windows 10 offers two modes – Dark and Light. You can switch to Dark mode, and your box will be black as well, but then the theme completely changes everything too dark mode. There will be no light mode anywhere.

  • Click on Start Button and then click on the cog icon. This will launch the Windows 10 Settings.
  • Open Personalization from the Settings Menu, and then select Colours from the left pane.
  • Scroll till the bottom till you find the option ‘Choose your default app mode’.
  • Select the option “Dark”.

Black Cortana Search box

This will instantly change the Cortana search bar into the black. Apart from this, you will see the UI changing to dark mode everywhere.

2] Change Registry Value

If you are familiar with editing registry keys, you can try this option as well. However, always make sure to create a restore point first.

In the Run prompt (WIN +R), type regedit. If you get a UAC prompt, click yes. This will launch the registry editor.

Next, navigate to the following key:


Double-click on the key “Value” on the right pane. Set the value as “0” instead of “1”, and click OK.Black Cortana Search Bar Registry Settings

This will instantly change the text box color to black/grey.

3] Change Region

This tip has worked for few as we have seen in the forums. You will need to temporarily change PC region settings

  • Type Regional Settings in the box, and when it appears.
  • Select a region where Cortana is not available. (eg. Gabon)
  • Select apply to that region.  This will change the color of the box.
  • Now, Sign out, and sign-in back.
  • Revert to original settings, but Cortana will retain its settings.

Let us know if this helped to change the Cortana Search Bar to Black.

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