Change Control Panel View by Settings in Windows 7 | 8


  1. Personally, I’ve changed the Control Panel setting in the Customize Start Menu preference widow to “Display as a menu”, so that I can easily find the control panel applet I want in the Start menu -> Control Panel menu. If I prefer the standard “Category” view, I just have to right-click the Control Panel button of the Start menu and select Open. That works very nicely with Win 7. Not sure for Win 8, since it doesn’t have a Start menu by default.

    To configure the Control Panel button of the Start menu as a menu, right-click the orb of the taskbar, select Properties, then, in the Start Menu tab, click Customize.

  2. Once you change it to list, is there any way to sort them in alphabetical vertical order? rather than Across?

  3. In Windows 8, after closing the Registry Editor, you must FULLY shut down the PC in order for the changes to be made permanent.
    Select Settings > Power icon > Hold down Shift key and click on Shut Down.

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