Hide, Show, Add, Remove Specified Control Panel Applets in Windows 10


  1. In Windows 8, the Group Policy is included only with Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise Editions. While Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional and Enterprise editions have it, Windows 7 Home
    Premium, Home Basic and Starter Editions do not include the Group Policy

  2. I hid both User Accounts and Family Safety using this registry hack: http://forum.thewindowsclub.com/windows-tips-tutorials-articles/31614-hide-show-control-panel-applets-using-registry-editor.html

    However, if I type in User Accounts, the option for “Add, delete and manage other user accounts” comes up and I’m able to create another user account. I want to block creating another user account. I can also get into it via Settings > Change PC settings > Accounts > Other Accounts.

    Is there some way to block “Other Accounts” or “Add an account” specifically? I know there is AAA_SettingsPageAccountsUsers and I tried creating a registry string with that data, but it doesn’t hide it. I don’t want to have to hide the whole Immersive Control Panel.

  3. No work… i have remove JavaCPL.cpl from windows/system32 but i continue to have a NULL ICON on Control Panel……….. this useless.

  4. Also important: Start > run > regedit, HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/don’t load and HKEY_USERS/Control Panel/don’t load. Those paths can contain just control panels suppressed for view. I have deleted all of them and since that I have full access to them by Start > Settings > Control panels despite it was not possible till now due to setting of system. Tested in Win XP.

  5. Managed to Disable Windows Defender this way but it didn’t remove it from the Control Panel. [I use BitDefender and MalwarBytes since Windows Defender blocks most of my customising on Windows 10]. Anyone know how to remove the Windows Defender applet from Control Panel?

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