ConstEdit is a free HTML5 editor to create & edit HTML & HTML5 documents

If you’re a web developer, then chances are you might be seeking a good enough HTML editor to use, or maybe you’re just looking for an alternative to your current editor, just in case something goes wrong. Many web developers use Adobe Dreamweaver as their editor of choice, while the old school guys prefer to use Microsoft Notepad. There are so many options, but today, we’re going to look at a software known as ConstEdit.

ConstEdit word processor & document editor

ConstEdit is a free HTML5 editor that lets you create & edit HTML & HTML5 documents & web pages. This word processor comes with a full-featured editing toolset.


Bear in mind that this is an offline editor, but it has many of the features of an online editor regardless. When it comes down to web development, we view offline editors as the better choice, but online editors work much better when it comes down to collaboration.

There won’t be any collaboration with ConstEdit, but that shouldn’t be an issue for the lone developers out there.

Users will realize that all the supported commands and features can be accessed via a neat toolbar. Nothing is hidden, so users will have a direct connection to all the features they need. Furthermore, there’s a tabbed interface here that makes it possible for users to edit multiple documents at the same time.

Each tab can be named, so there shouldn’t be any form of confusion when editing two or more documents. Users can also open multiple documents from the recent list and restores them to their original position.


What about exporting documents, is this possible?

Yes. Users can export documents to multiple file formats, but the most notable here is PDF. The ability to export any project to a PDF file is very welcoming, a great move by the developers.

Like most editors, users can take advantage of key features such as word count, web layout view, spell-checker, auto-capitalization, and auto-save. Strangely enough, no meta-data can be attached to files, so that could be an issue for some developers.

Overall, a solid tool designed for web developers. Not only can it be used for editing HTML document, but it can be used for regular writing as well.

Just don’t go in expecting ConstEdit to be on the same level as Adobe Dreamweaver. However, if you’re an advanced web developer who doesn’t require the assistance of the Dreamweaver tool, the ConstEdit should be a solid pick.

Download ConstEdit from the official website.

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