How excessive Computer usage can harm your health – An Infographic

The internet has undeniably become an important element of our life and so the computers. Without these, we find it hard to survive! But spending too much time online or using computers doesn’t help either. The increased use of computers, at home or workplace, bring forth about a number of health concerns. Overuse of computers cause some physical afflictions, such as eye strain, Scoliosis, vision abnormalities, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, headache, and backache – especially if you are over 40. They can damage the mental health of an individual too. Moreover, such computer users feel depressed, anxious and feel reluctant to get up to work in the mornings.

A study carried out by a research group suggested that out of 10000 people spending long hours working on computers, 500 developed peripheral vision abnormalities and 165 had glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disorder that can lead to blindness, if not treated. Statistics further reveal that over 30 million computers are in use throughout the United States. The number is growing steadily and so the health problems associated with the prolonged use of computers.

If you think, you have been on the same side; you are probably aware – Your computer is killing you! An Infographic gives a view of some of the biggest threats to web geeks.

The Infographic outlines some syndromes and their associated symptoms. It shows how with each passing day workers who use computers continuously, from 6 to 8 hours experience computer-related ailments and discomforts.

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exessive computer usage can harm

  1. Monday – Chronic Pain from Poor Ergonomics
  2. Tuesday – Multi-task Mush Brain
  3. Wednesday – Blue Light Insomnia
  4. Thursday – Obesity
  5. Friday – Computer Vision Syndrome

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  1. Sanjiv

    Thank you for this very informative post – Wish people take this seriously and put it into practice

  2. Ann Quilty Majuery

    My grandson who is 16 years old has been ill for over a month. He has had blood tests and yesterday a MRI. He spends hours and hours on his computer. Now he hasn’t been to school either for a month. His symptoms are headaches,dissieness vertigo. Could this be related to too much time on computer? It will be a day or so until we get results from MRI. Can anyone have any info or input on this.

  3. I am not a doctor – but this could be some sort of ‘Spondylitis induced vertigo’ – it happens due to holding down the neck at a particular angle for long periods of time. Best to wait for your Doctors inputs and advice.

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