Laptop Motherboard Repair: Causes & Signs of Motherboard Failure


  1. laptop motherboard is hard to find/replace except for desktops, if that happens to me I’d rather send it to the company and have it replace. less hustles 😀

  2. This article seems like it is for the sole purpose of giving a link to a business for repair services instead of anything useful. I would think launching the manufacturer’s diagnostic utility to run tests would be a good thing to do first. Then you can determine if you have hardware or OS problems.

  3. A Complete Guide To Laptop Motherboard Repair…seriously?

    This article was just a gag like the “IE users are stupid…” piece right?

  4. Ya its better to seek a expert to have motherboard replacement rather doing yourself ..

  5. All the points about the cause and signs of mother board failure are explained very clearly, which helps a lot!!!

  6. I agree that the title is misleading, as in not accurate at all for a title. However, for the trolls that are griping/whining with their insults, remember the saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. What is the point in stating that this article sucks? Where is their link to better information? Here’s mine…

  7. I am a computer technician who routinely builds computer “rigs” for extra cash or repair them as needed. I was hoping for a really good advice regarding motherboard failure on this article but damn was I disappointed. This is like an amateur “advise” for those who don’t really know computer hardware….

  8. hello, My laptop (Lenovo – Z580 IdeaPad)is one and half year old. Mother board is dead due to coffee went inside. how can i get it repaired?.. is it possible to make my laptop ready by changing the mother board?

  9. we came here for a guide that wouldnt cost much. why did i waste my time reading something i already knew which is to go to a professional? the reason i came here is to find out if there are other options!

  10. These guidance are totally wasted we here for seeking solution not for knowing the things we already know..

  11. I’m using Hp 650 laptop. after installing re-windows 7 it just powers off and on repeatedly. before that that it was perfectly fine. ive tried applying thermal paste on the processor, resetting the bios and disassembling the laptop but nothing is helpful. please advice.

  12. Mobo failures:
    1) water damage
    2) overheating
    3) short circuit
    4) wrong voltage


    1) won’t boot, some laptops can show diagnostic lights or sounds
    2) cpu runs really slow
    3) blue screen randomly

    How to fix?

    1) I’ve heard people clean and dry water damaged motherboard with success
    2) Replacing mobo is not very complicated as least for DELL
    3) Sell it to someone who knows how to fix, buy a new laptop

  13. I am a computer repair tech. What is this a guide for? There is nothing on repair and only remedial troubleshooting. Come on, man.

    If your computer does not power on it could be a number of things. Most of the time ‘motherboard’ issues are from component failure. Often, the component can be replaced or even bypassed to restore functionality.

    Your list of tell-tale’s list only indicate a problem, not necessarily motherboard failure. Desktop computers rarely suffer motherboard failure. Laptops fail because of overheating.

    You can avoid most laptop failures with a good cooling station. I usually make my own or repair the ones I find in the trash. Fans from old desktops are great for this.

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