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You have few options when it comes to having a good program for converting files between various document formats. There are a handful of them that allow you to perform PDF conversion to other formats, but via a web-based interface only. Luckily there’s Cometdocs that offers a Desktop version as well.

Cometdocs review

Cometdocs is a free online document management service that touts some exceptional file conversion capabilities. With Cometdocs desktop application at hand, you can create and manage all of your documents on your Windows PC itself.

File conversion freeware

Download the desktop application for Windows. When prompted for the email address and password, enter it. If you are not registered, complete the registration process. It’s merely a 2 step process. You just have to enter the name, email address and password and activate the account upon receiving a confirmation message.

CometDocs - Email

Assuming your registration is complete, let’s move further. Log in to your Cometdocs account. Enter your username and password. Once you have logged in, locate a file on your computer that you want to convert. Right click on the file and look for the convert option with the Cometdocs logo next to it. If your file is a PDF, you will be offered many formats that Cometdocs supports.


Once the desire format is selected, the file will be sent to Cometdocs servers for conversion.

After the conversion is complete, and the new file is downloaded to your computer, a notification will appear as a pop-up balloon coming from the Cometdocs icon located in your taskbar’s Quick Launch toolbar. Click on the notifications to see your converted file. The converted file will be automatically downloaded to the same folder in which your original file is located.

The process takes some time depending upon the file format and its size. Meanwhile, you can check the status of the file by clicking on the taskbar icon.

CometDocs - Conversion in progress

To sign out of the app, right click on the Cometdocs icon in the System Tray and choose the “Sign Out” option.

Should you wish to upload files for storage, just right-click the mouse button placed on the file and select Send to> Cometdocs to upload large files directly from your desktop.


Cometdocs at present supports both, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Besides, it is also available for iOS and Linux versions.

Online File Conversion Tool

Using the Online Tool too is simple. Simply log in using email id and password, upload the desired file or import it from GoogleDrive, Dropbox or other cloud services.

import files

Then, select the Convert option and drag and drop the file to convert it into desired format.

You can perform the ‘Advanced Search’ operation to search for files that are greater in size (up to 100MB).

advanced search

Cometdocs lets you convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, Libre documents, Web page, AutoCad files, Images and more. If you are looking for a good online tool or a desktop software, you definitely want to check it out.

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