Color your Windows folders with Folder Colorizer

Sometimes it does become rather difficult trying to search out an oft-accessed folder, especially if there are many folders in that mother folder. This is where software like Folder Colorizer for Windows 10/8/7 can help you.

Folder Colorizer is a freeware for Windows 10/8/7 that lets you color your Windows File Explorer folder color and change it from the default cream color. Using this application, you can assign any color to your frequently accessed folders.

Color Windows folders


No longer will you have to run your eyes over many folders to access your favorite folder! Having a different color will make the folder stand out so that you can open it quickly.

How to change folder color in Windows

During installation, the freeware will ask your permission to allow it to use your CPU for some charitable purpose.

folder colorizer

If you are fine with that, you can proceed.  But if you opt out of it and you uncheck the Terms check box, the Agree button will be disabled, and you will not be able to proceed. The only option you will have is to exit the installation.

The other option is to click on the Skip and ignore saving others link on the left side of the action buttons. Once you do this, the installation will continue, without installing the 3rd party offer. So use this option to avoid installing 3rd-party offers.

Anyway, once the installation is over, you will see an option in your folder context menu that lets you choose the color for the folder.

how to change folder color in windows

To color a folder icon, right-click on it, select Colorize and then the color you want.

The option to Restore the original color is also present.

Clicking on Colors… will open the program UI that also offers a Color Editor that even supports your own colors, labels, and works seamlessly with all recent version of Windows.

My Kaspersky threw up a warning saying that C:\Program Files\Utilities\rmx_oc.dll is ‘a legitimate program that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data’. Since I was testing the program, I decided to ignore the warning.

I then took a look at this folder. It seems that the installation creates an additional folder – C:\Program Files\Utilities. But after uninstalling the program, I found that the C:\Program Files\Utilities folder still remained and I had to manually delete this folder.

Folder Colorizer free download

You can download Folder Colorizer 2 from its official download page. [UPDATE: It is no longer freeware]. More free software to change Folder colors here.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Chevelles240

    Pretty cool! Thanks!

  2. nice! I have to take the time to instal this and use it to get better organized. I wish win7 had something like this from the start.

  3. farhan

    guy’s please help me … i download and installed, when i right click on the folder there is just 2 options color and restore original color, and when i click on the color, nothing will happened, im using win 7, please guide … thanks, Farhan

  4. Whasaap


  5. Alain

    Hi, nice work here. That was missing a lot…
    A nice update would be to be able to colorize a selection of few folders.

  6. Mike Milo


  7. fredphoesh

    nice, but why just folders???
    how about files???????

  8. anonymous

    has bugs for windows 8 wi ll not load custom colors section nor change folders from one color to another have to install or restart machine to get it to change folder colors do not use if have windows 8 as developer has failed to fix these issues

  9. Brett

    Decent app. Comes with lots of bloatware. Can I create a legend for the colours so my staff have a place they can refer to in case they forget what each colour means.

  10. Tobin Max

    Will the colour’d folders still be colour’d on computers that dont have the software installed?

  11. Ayhla Hades

    I like it!

  12. Rodolfo

    Thank you.
    Very good list of apps to customize the folder.

  13. Tee

    Windows 10? When?

  14. I’m a little iffy about this. I googled that charity and it doesn’t exist

  15. Rob

    It exists but I don’t think I want to be part of someone’s cloud computing scheme.

  16. SwiftyG

    You forgot to mention a very important part, that you can in-fact opt out of installing the bloatwarespyware. You should not be skipping past this or being vague about the option to skip it. There is the option there that says “Skip and ignore saving others’. This will still install without the additional software…

  17. SwiftyG

    Don’t install it without opting out of the spyware which it gives you the option to, which the author should have mentioned.

  18. The Pool Man

    So you’re promoting an app that spreads a threat confirmed by Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, and CLAMWIN? I know because I just spend two days trying to find where this infection comes from.

    How about turning this article into a WARNING about this bullsh!tware?

  19. It has been mentioned in the post – ” The other option is to click on the Skip and ignore saving others link on the left side of the action buttons. Once you do this, the installation will continue, without installing the 3rd party offer”

  20. Mohammad M

    worthless piece of software, since you cannot install it, if you do not agree to their terms

  21. Ray Bel

    Newest update forces ‘mining tool installation’. Now it drops into the catagory ‘scamware’……

    A bit of the proceeds to some ‘good cause’….the majority of the proceeds to….

  22. Tyler Smith

    im confused this makes you pay $9 something?.. are you stupid?..

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