How to Collaborate and Share documents in Word on Windows

Microsoft Office has enhanced their collaboration features to be able to allow numerous creators to work on a document simultaneously. It enables the user to share a file in OneDrive and see who is working on it, and even get a link to send to others for simpler access to the document in consideration.

Collaboration is a key component of good document creation in many work environments. Unlike most other functions in Microsoft Word, the collaboration tools are a little tough to use. However, this great feature allows the user to see what changes the other person has made to the document in real-time.

Collaborate & Share documents in Microsoft Word

Let us see how you can collaborate, edit, co-author & share Microsoft Word documents.

1] Before setting up your file to share, you need to ensure that you have a common folder in your OneDrive account. On the other hand, you can utilize “Public” folder that exists for you by default.

2] If you want your own account, open word and click on the File option. From the File menu, you need to click on Save As and then Add a Place. ‘Add a place’ will provide you with the options of the services you might want to use, like SharePoint or OneDrive.

3] Complete the ‘Sign in’ screen that appears for the option you choose. Once you’re done, the new location appears on Word’s Save As option. Once saved, you can share the file by clicking on the File option and then the Share option and you choose the option to Share with People or Invite People.

Collaborate & Share documents in Microsoft Word

4] For inviting and sharing the file, you would have to enter and add the email addresses of the people you wish to share it and then sending them a link to your file. This will happen when you click on the Share option and select ‘Get a sharing link’. After you’ve entered the email addresses, you can choose if you want your coworkers to edit the file or just view it.  Invite people. Source:

5] If you select the Edit option, you are giving your coworkers the authority to edit your document. You and the people you’ve shared the file with can both make changes to the file. However, in the View option, the other party cannot make any changes, making your file secure.

Edit document. Source:

A popup will indicate if someone is editing your document and highlighted part would show the changes others have made to your file.

You can remove people by right clicking on the user’s name and select the ‘Remove User’ option.  On the off chance that you enabled a coworker to alter a file, and afterward changed your mind, you can change permission for that worker. Right-click on the worker’s name in the rundown and select “Change permission to Can view”. You can likewise go the other way, giving a worker authority to alter the file after just enabling them to view it.

When you’re done sharing, you can just click the ‘X’ in the top right corner of the screen.


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