Best Cloud Computing Services


  1. I use cloud exclusively now, from YouTube to Google Docs everything I do is on the Cloud except for gaming.

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  2. Even I use dropbox, especially for real time back up of photos taken by my phone camera. But the reason I did not mention it here is that it is much smaller compared to the listed services. Maybe I will list top cloud “storage” providers. Dropbox will be included there.

  3. That list is very good for host your data on network. For business
    purpose basically using Cloud hosting services for host business
    application such as Drake, Quickbooks, Quicken, Sage and Peachtree etc
    applications are using for manage accounting works for SMBs.
    The best hosting providers are providing Cloud hosting services from thesagenext, sage50hosting and taxsoftwarehosting.

  4. I’d like to simulate what I have at my day job. There, we have one server everyone can save things too. I can open a file on the server, without downloading it to my computer first, then re-uploading it. It opens as if the server were a hard drive on my own computer. Do any of these options work like a network drive?

    At home, I have two computers and am tired of having different files on both of them. I’d like to have one central place to store everything and access it from anywhere on earth.

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