ClipClip clipboard manager will also translate text on Windows PC

ClipClip is a free clipboard management software for Windows that intends to fill some of the functionalities missing in the Windows Clipboard. The freeware can save clips in text format and custom groups, etc. In addition, ClipClip supports a built-in translator to translate clips between different languages, .

ClipClip free clipboard management software for Windows

Whether you’re a working professional or just someone who uses Copy & Paste function frequently, ClipClip makes you more productive! The freeware for Windows simplifies the way you copy and paste texts, images or files to your clipboard. In this quick guide, we will navigate you through the process of showing you how to-

  • Use Copy and Paste function of ClipClip
  • Paste without formatting
  • Translate text
  • Syncing clipboard.

Using Copy and Paste function of ClipClip

When downloaded and installed, ClipClip starts running in the background automatically and begins saving everything you copy with Ctrl+C shortcut or via clipboard menu options.

Later, when you open or expand ClipClip, the list of everything you’ve copied becomes available for your view. If needed, you can paste your clips into other apps through ClipClip’s paste menu.

For adding clips to a ClipClip folder, simply copy the desired item, check your Latest Clips list and then drag it into the folder you want. ClipClip prompts you to add your own folders and sub-folders, the first time you run the app. You can add new clips directly. For this, right-click inside a folder and select the type of new clip you want to add. Then, double-click the new item to edit it in ClipClip’s editor.

clipclip free clipboard management software for Windows

Paste without formatting in ClipClip

One of the handiest features of this freeware app is that you can edit anything you copy with ClipClip, as well as add content to new clips. For example, let us assume you copied something from a website, and want to keep the formatting but don’t need everything you copied. Then, right-click on that item in ClipClip and select Edit, or double-click the item to open the editor.

When done, a Microsoft Word-style type editor will appear, displaying all formatting options alongside it. Here, you can make the desired changes like adding Bold, Italics, and changing fonts or text size. For other purposes, if you would like to save the clip as a document then do the following.

Right-click on the clip inside ClipClip, and choose ‘Export’ to export any text clip as plain text, formatted rich text, or a PDF document. In fact, ClipClip offers one of the easiest ways to create a formatted PDF from anything you copy on your computer.

Translate text with ClipClip

Often, when we come across a text or language that is difficult for us to comprehend, we switch to Google Translate. It helps you figure out the correct meaning of a sentence or words. Although the tool is not perfect, it is quite satisfactory for those times when you get something random and have no idea what it says. ClipClip is a software that enhances the utility of it, furthermore. The software helps you translate text on the fly using Google Translate.

By default, ClipClip supports built-in Google Translate integration. So, as long as your computer is connected to the Internet, you can translate anything you copy into any foreign language that Google Translate supports.

Simply copy the text you want to translate, and press Ctrl+Shift+V to open the app’s Paste Menu. Then, from the bottom of the menu, select ‘Translate Clip To’ option and choose the language you want to translate the content into.

The action when confirmed will instantly translate the text and paste it into your document.

Syncing Clipboard Clips via ClipClip

All the new clips created by the app are saved to your Documents folder. If you have enabled OneDrive syncing, any clips you save into folders will be automatically moved and saved to OneDrive. Similarly, all the files will be synced between all your PCs.

Lastly, for customizing the working of ClipClip, click the gear icon in its toolbar or select Options > Configuration in the menu. This opens ClipClip’s settings. Here, you can choose to allow the app to run when Windows starts, enable a sound whenever ClipClip saves something or configure the number of clips to be saved by default. However, of all, the most important settings are ClipClip’s keyboard shortcuts.

By default, to paste something from ClipClip, you have to press Ctrl+Shift+V to open ClipClip’s Paste Menu. You can change this shortcut to something you find easy to remember.

You can download this freeware from its homepage.

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