Security, Privacy and Cleaning tools for Firefox, Chrome, Opera


  1. OR…you can just install CCleaner, and use one tool to clean private information from ALL of these browsers, and your entire computer at once…

  2. CCleaner is a desktop software. These are browser addons and extensions that let you do more, as mentioned in the post.

  3. You don”t know much about browser extensions or CCleaner do ya?

    Browser ad-ons and extensions are unnecessary for this task…and having numerous ad-ons and extensions installed ultimately effects the actual performance of the browser.

    No…these DO NOT “do more” than CCleaner, because they ONLY effect the browser, where as CCleaner cleans the ENTIRE system of un-needed junk, edits start-up items, cleans the registry, and has about 2 dozen customizations for automated scheduled task.

    It will can even be set to clean the browser of all private info and temp files when the browser is closed….without the need of a performance stealing browser extension

    CCleaner works on ALL windows based devises…not just desktops.

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