What are Chrome Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary Release Channels?

Just like Firefox has different editions for its browser, so does Google Chrome. Google offers  Chrome Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary channels or versions.  Being the most popular browser on almost any platform, it only makes sense for Google to make it even better with support from Developers, Tech Enthusiasts, and those who can contribute externally.

Chrome Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary Versions or Channels

Chrome Stable, Beta, Dev, Canary Release Channels

For every software that is offered openly in different BUILDs, has an update cycle. The most unstable build gets update every day to the most stable build which is only rolled out every six weeks roughly. These builds are available for all the platforms on which Chrome works including Windows, Android, and Linux.

That said the best part of these builds is that you can install them parallelly on your computer, i.e., you can have a Canary Build, and a Stable build together. Since they have different profiles, they work without a problem.

Living on the edge

If you are keen to try something just baked out of the oven and taste bad, then you can download those builds from download-chromium.appspot.com. To go even deeper, you can choose to specific recent build by going to the Chromium continuous build waterfall, looking at the number near the top under “LKGR”, and then going to this Google Storage bucket and downloading the corresponding build.

What is Chrome Canary build?

This build is like baked out of the oven, but works. The updates are released daily and are available to test by end users. You can always send feedback, and the Canary build does collect data which is sent back to Google Servers.

What is Chrome Dev channel?

This is the right build if you want to see the new features coming to Chrome. This version is updated once or twice weekly. While its close to the stable version, it still has a lot of bugs that need to go through testing. So if you are ok with a bit of bug, but want to what is coming easily, this is the build to use.

What is Chrome Beta channel?

This is a stable version of Dev channel and comes with least amount of bug. This is also the public BETA version before the final build. A lot can be fixed when Google gets a lot of feedback from real-world usage.t’s updated every week roughly, with major updates coming every six weeks.

What is Chrome Stable channel?

This is the perfect cookie you can have with the best taste around the world. Features come to this channel more than a month after the Stable channel. This channel gets full testing, crashed ironed out and updated roughly every two-three weeks for minor releases, and every six weeks for major releases.

Depending on how much risk you can take, and enthusiasm you have to try the builds of Chrome, pick one for yourself. However always have stable build on your computer, so you never get stuck for your primary work. Follow this link on chromium.org to download them.

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