How to change the Auto-save time interval in Office Apps

In order to save your work while using any of the Microsoft Office apps, Microsoft has introduced a feature that will autosave your work periodically. This is named as Auto-save or Auto-recover. So, if your machine just crashes or your Office app crashes, you won’t lose much of your work.

However many users are really fast at creating and editing documents. They tend to make a big list of modifications even before the Office App auto saves their work in the background. So, if the system crashes before the autosave takes place, this big list of modifications will just go away and could not be recovered. Hence, some people would like to modify this time period for Autosave.

Today, we will discuss doing it on Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other productivity apps that come with the Office Suite from Microsoft. It is worth noting that this option is available for Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 2010 as per our hands-on experiences.

This post will show you how to turn on and increase, decrease or change the Auto-save time interval in Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. You can also disable this auto-save feature if you wish to.

Change Autosave interval on Office apps

change the Auto-save time interval in Office

Open the Office app whose autosave interval you wish to change. For walkthrough purposes, we will use Word 2016 as an example.

So, after Word 2016 is open, click on File in the main menu ribbon.

Next, click on Options (In Word 2016) or Word Options in older releases of the suite of Office Apps.

Now, a new window will pop up. On the left column tab, select the menu labeled as Save.

And then on the right side, under the Save documents section, you will notice a checkbox option that says Save AutoRecover information every _ minutesMake sure that checkbox is checked.

There you can select period of Autosave in minutes as per your wish.

Click on OK on the bottom right portion of the window to save your changes.

Also, if you wish that Word should not automatically save your documents, just uncheck the box beside the option that says Save AutoRecover information every _ minutes and then hit OK.

This procedure is same for all the apps in the Office Suite for Windows. No matter if it is the 2016 release, 2013 release or 2010 release, this tutorial works just fine. We tested this tutorial working with Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016 and Access 2016. Hence, we are pretty sure that it will work just fine with other applications of the Office suite like Project 2016, Visio 2016 and more.

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