How to change Primary email address of Microsoft Account for Windows 10

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  1. Yes; this is the process for setting up an alias. If someone wanted to use another Microsoft account (that already exists), you cannot set it up as an alias for another account (unless it has been removed from its own Microsoft account.) You may want to add that step.

  2. In Windows 10, can I create a local user account using the same email address that I used to create the Microsoft account? I would be creating a different password for the local account.

  3. My wife’s email address recently was made defunct and I need to set up her Microsoft account with a new email address. When I sign into her account and select “Your info” the only relevant link is “Manage your sign-in email or phone number”. This then sends me to a box which shows the defunct address and wants to verify identity by sending an email to that defunct address. Can anyone advise me where to go from here?

  4. Have you found a resolution to your issue? I am having the same issue with a defunct email account.

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