1. Mario Cardona

    I am on v1607 and i dont have that option

  2. John Good

    Can i link the account with 2 different PC’s at the same time?

  3. kywildcat

    I dont have that option

  4. If you are already logged in with your Microsoft account, you wont see that option, as Windows would have automatically linked the license with your account.

  5. You wont see that option if you are already logged in with your Microsoft account.

  6. Peter Mason

    When I click on Add a Microsoft account nothing happens cant add my account

  7. Alberto Gorin

    i upgrade from windows 8
    so fair have seen that option unless i looked with mi noise

  8. kywildcat

    Updating now manually to the anniversary build

  9. kywildcat

    correct, its says its linked now. thanks

  10. Rohit kumar

    I go this on my PC.

  11. Ramon Ruiz

    windows say it cant activate windows 10, because the previous version of windows wasn’t activated. but it was. I upgraded(forced) from win7 to 10 and my previous version was active. and the product key is that of a pre-installed win7 on my hp laptop which say to go to the manufacturer. I’m trying to download a win7 iso repair disk to repair a different hard drive with win7

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