Digital Entitlement and Product Key Activation methods in Windows 10


  1. Digital Entitlement isn’t really a new method of activation, it’s the old method except they don’t tell you what the product key is outright and activate it for you. They’ve just cut out the busy work. Download and run Produkey, you’ll get the regular key just as if you’d bought it off the store shelf.

  2. Just tried it. The keys appear to be valid. Thank you!
    Actually, the Nirsoft website has a ton of interesting utilities.

  3. I need help. I had to turn off my computer during windows 10 install because of a storm, and when i come back, my product key is changed and i had no way to get it back. Any help?

  4. How did you get Windows 10,Did you go though the free upgrade offer or did you buy a product key or was it preinstalled on your computer,this is why I always write down all of my product keys,in case I forgot

  5. I got Windows 10 as free upgrade within the period it was free. If i have to change some hardware, will the digital entitlement work?

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