How to change location of OneDrive folder in Windows 8.1

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  1. MrMoratti

    The most interesting feature would be to move all skydrive files on a removable device like sd cards. Would be a huge win for surface 64gig users for example.

  2. vasudev

    Yes, give it a try. It works! It might be bit slow though. And before that format the card with NTFS file system. I have tried with USB pen drive & it works.

  3. jmh

    Is it possible to move just 1 skydrive folder to a microSD card.?

  4. kristalsoldier

    Can you please explain what you mean by ‘it might be a bit slow’? Thanks in advance.

  5. Joe b

    I think he means it will be slower to access compared to the files stored on an SSD. SD cards and USB can be slower to read/write than an SSD drive.

  6. vasudevG

    Yes, Kristaalsoldier as stated by Joe ,these can be slower as compared to SSDs. Thanks Joe. Also when you change the location, it might take some time to rebuild sync list.

  7. RW5207 .

    So how about moving to a new user profile. Say, for example, you initially set up a computer with a MS account (as I did) and then later join it to a domain. At that point, I’d like to move my OneDrive folder to my new user profile folder (/users/Russell to /users/rwright). Based on my attempts, this doesn’t work. In fact, I haven’t been able to make the move work at all.

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