Configure default search engine in Microsoft Office Word


  1. I wonder if I can have both options in the context menu,I mean one that says “Search with Bing” and another one that says “Search With Google”

  2. Interesting! Want to experiment? Create a system restore point, create two sets of keys and see what happens? But do so at your risk only if you feel so! 😀

  3. Create two sets of keys? I understand,but I don’t have clear what you want me to do ,
    what confuse me is the fact that it’s not posible create keys or values with the same name.

    I could try creating new values like “SearchProviderName2”

  4. Excellent… confirmed working in MS Office 2013 Professional Plus

    One thing of note, if you are copying the search engine path directly from the page, pay attention not to copy the period ( . ) at the end

    Also, for Google, if desired you can change http:// to https:// and change .com to your local TLD (e.g. )

  5. I found a real easy to activate when you have downloaded software from offical website, please search @@@windows 8.1 key sale@@@ on bing.

  6. Doesn’t work, regretfully so.
    using http or https
    using the ‘dot’ after q= or without it
    no luck
    probably bing entries in
    are ‘conflicting’ (override the user registry entries)


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