Change default Save location of Captures folder for Game DVR in Windows 10

With built-in Game DVR feature in Xbox App, PC users can record games in high quality, without requiring third-party utilities.  If you wish to change the default location and save the game clips to a different folder, you can do so. You can Use Xbox Game DVR to move Game Clips & Screenshots to another folder  When you do so, Game clips and screenshots will be moved to that folder.

Where are my game clips and screenshots saved in Windows 10

Xbox App

By default, Game DVR saves all recorded games to the following location – C:\Users\UserName\Videos\Captures. To access your game clips and screenshots, simply select the Start button, then go to Settings > Gaming > Captures and select Open folder.

Change default Save location of Captures folder for Game DVR

You can change the default Save location of Captures folder for Game DVR on Windows 10 PC by following this procedure.

Windows 10 Settings doesn’t offer an option to change the default location of Captures folder. However, if you are running short of space on your primary system drive and would like to change the default location, here’s a simple workaround.

Right click in empty space of your Captures folder and choose Properties.

Next, select the Location tab and hit the Move button.

Change default Save location of Captures folder for Game DVR in Windows 10

Now, browse to the location where you would like to place this folder. Before doing this, make sure you have created a new folder (e.g., Captures) at the new location (e.g., F: drive).

There, select the folder and hit the OK button.

When prompted, click Yes to move all files from the old location to the new location. Pause for a few seconds until your Captures folder is moved to the desired location.

Once done, close the folder and exit. You’ve successfully changed the default Game DVR save location.

To restore Game DVR or Captures folder to its original location, choose ‘Restore Default‘ button under ‘Videos Properties’ window and restore the folder to its original location.

Hope this helps!

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