CCProxy: Free Proxy Server software for Windows 10/8/7

CCProxy is a free and easy to use a proxy server for Windows, that lets you efficiently share your internet connection over the Local Area Network. CCProxy can work with DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN and DDN connections. It features an account management system that lets you create accounts and groups for different users on your LAN.

CCProxy Proxy Server software

Free Proxy Server software

The free version of CProxy offers a maximum of three users, which in my opinion, is good enough for a normal home network. If you have more users, you will have to buy it.

CCProxy supports following proxy services:

  • Mail
  • DNS
  • Web Cached
  • Remote Dialup
  • Auto Start-up
  • Auto Hide
  • Port Map

As already mentioned, CCProxy features an account management system, under which you can create maximum three accounts, and then you can choose their authentication type, you can use any of the following as an authentication type:

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  • IP Address
  • MAC Address
  • User/Password
  • User/Password + IP
  • User/Password + Mac
  • IP + Mac

You can control your internet connection by making rules accordingly for that user or a group of users. You can limit the bandwidth, control internet access, filter websites and do even more. You can create a forbidding web filter or an allowing web filter in which you can accordingly add websites that are to be blocked or allowed. The limited bandwidth feature limits a user to a particular bandwidth so that a user cannot use the internet after a certain limit of data. The auto scan feature automatically scans and reports the devices in the LAN so that you don’t have to add them manually.

The web caching function of web proxy server can even increase the Internet surfing speed. Moreover, CCProxy lets you monitor the users by access logging and online access monitoring.

CCProxy appears to be among the best Proxy software for Windows. You can use it at your home to prevent your kids from watching inappropriate content, or you can use it at your office to make your employees more concentrated at work rather than their social profiles. If you are running an institution, you can use this tool to limit the bandwidth of student users and accordingly create rules. The user management system is really a very useful system. You can create different rules for an entire group, or you can create different rules for a particular user. The variety in authentication mode enhances the security; you can choose the most secure authentication mode from the given options. The monitoring features are good too.

CCProxy download

Click here to download CCProxy Free. It is a useful tool for creating a home proxy server.

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