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mak activation

Troubleshooting MAK Activation errors and issues

MAK or Multiple Activation Keys is a type of Volume Licensing from Microsoft for Windows. You can activate multiple computers with the same key. However, there is a limit on the count. That said, there is one drawback with MAK […]

Device Driver Types

What is a Device Driver? What is its purpose?

Device Drivers are the software through which, the kernel of a computer communicates with different hardware, without having to go into the details of how the hardware works. It is a software that controls a hardware part attached to a […]

Windows 10 Night Light not working

Windows 10 Night Light not working or wont turn on

Windows 10 Night Light is a great feature which helps consumers to use their computer for a longer duration. It makes the screen color warmer which is especially helpful when you work in the dark or at night. That said, […]

Windows Setup Remediations

What is Windows Setup Remediation? Can I remove it?

If you actually saw Windows Setup Remediation installed on your Windows 10 computer, you must have sharp eyes. Let’s clear one thing, this is not a trojan or virus that has just installed on your Windows computer. Since this program […]


MEMORY_MANAGEMENT Blue Screen due to Chrome browser

If when you launch Google Chrome, it starts connecting to the internet and then immediately your Windows 10 PC crashes with MEMORY_MANAGEMENT blue screen then this post will help you. What has happened here is when Chrome request for more […]

dxgkrnl.sys Blue Screen

Fix dxgkrnl.sys Blue Screen of Death Error

The file dxgkrnl.sys is related to Microsoft DirectX driver. Microsoft DirectX is a suite of technologies developed by Microsoft to provide hardware acceleration for heavy multimedia applications such as 3D games and HD videos. The Blue Screen errors for this system […]

Makecab.exe running at startup & consuming high CPU

At times the makecab.exe process causes high CPU usage in a system and slows it down. Users have reported that the Process Monitor shows multiple instances of the makecab.exe process. So, what is the makecab.exe process that is running on […]


What are Intel Modern Windows Drivers for Graphics

Microsoft not only initiated Universal Windows Apps, but it also brought the same concept to Drivers as well. It started with Universal Audio Architecture to standardize class driver architecture for audio. Fast forward today, a lot of OEM have now […]

Troubleshoot KMS Activation

Troubleshoot KMS Activation on Windows Server

KMS or Key Management Services is usually a Windows Server computer configured to be a KMS host computer by installing the  Volume Activation Services role. When an Enterprise uses KMS keys to activate computers, it will need the KMS Host to […]

How to enable or disable Full-screen optimizations on Windows 10

Full-Screen Optimizations is a feature on Windows 10 devices that help them function better. It is enabled by default for applications like video players and games. When this feature is enabled, the gaming or video playback experience is enhanced by […]

What is the Taskeng.exe popup? Is it a virus?

Taskeng.exe (Task Scheduler Engine) is a system file in the Windows 10/8/7 operating systems. It is not a virus if it is located in the Systme32 folder. The legit file is responsible for keeping track of tasks set to run […]

windows activation

What is Windows Activation and How does it work?

Windows Activation is an anti-piracy method from Microsoft which makes sure every copy of Windows OS that’s installed on a computer is genuine. I am sure you must have seen Windows Activation message on your computer, and in this post, we […]


Fix Bugcode 0xA – IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on Windows 10

When it comes to the hardware level, Interrupts were designed so that resource requests don’t get into a deadlock. In simple words, it is used to break a never-ending loop. The developers also designed levels to prioritize the interrupts. Its […]

How to fix Windows Update Error 80244019

Windows Update is the repository for everything latest for Windows from Microsoft. Users usually receive updates frequently because of this Windows Update service. This Windows Update mechanism depends on multiple services like BITS or Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Windows Update […]

kundli software

Free Kundli making software & online tools for Windows PC

The quality of your life to a great extent depends on the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with. As such, Astrology – the study of the relative positions of celestial objects in your horoscope assumes importance. Also, a […]