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Specified logon session does not exist

Outlook error – Specified logon session does not exist

When working with Microsoft Outlook on your Windows 10 PC, you receive server message A specified logon session does not exist; It may already have been terminated for long periods, then this post may help you. This message can also […]

How to enable Edit text in Print Preview for Microsoft Word

Later versions of Microsoft Word do not allow users to Edit text in Print Preview. Rather, the Edit mode only lets you edit the print preview without returning to the document. However, there’s a workaround for this problem. The users […]

OneNote in Microsoft Teams

How to add and use OneNote notebook to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful hub for team collaboration, which helps in bringing together people, content, and tools that your team needs to be increasingly effective and engaged. While Microsoft Teams does this great job of getting your employees together […]


How to use Yammer effectively – Beginners Guide

Yammer is a group communication tool from Microsoft which one can use to set up a social network for any company. In this guide, I will share some beginners tips to guide you to set up and then use Yammer. […]

Install new font

How to install new Fonts in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office comes preloaded with a considerably large list of fonts which you can use in your documents. It offers a collection of judiciously good fonts counting the universally accepted Arial and Times New Roman fonts which can be used […]

How to enable Email Read Receipt in Outlook

How to enable Email Read Receipt in Outlook

Just as we can set our phones to received Delivered receipt messages for SMS Text message, you can also get Delivery and Read receipts for an email in Microsoft Outlook. Here, a Delivery receipt confirms that the message was successfully […]

How to sync Outlook and Gmail contacts

Today we will take a look at free tools that will allow you to sync Google contacts between your Gmail and Outlook accounts. These tools are perfect for syncing contacts for Outlook users who have one or multiple Google accounts. […]

uninstall microsoft office

How to uninstall Microsoft Office in Windows 10

This post offers multiple ways to completely uninstall Microsoft Office 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 from your windows 10/8/7 computer. If you cannot uninstall Microsoft Office using the Control Panel or Settings on Windows systems, then this post is sure to help you. How […]

Remove double spaces in Word

How to remove extra double spaces between words in Word

At times you might get documents created in different text editors which appear differently when opened in Microsoft Word. In some cases, the paragraphs could be separated by one or more blank lines, while in other cases, extra spaces could […]

PowerPoint Screen Recording feature

Record screen with PowerPoint Screen Recording feature

Visual representation of things makes learning an easy process. So, if you are looking to create a video clip via screen recording with all the instructions look no further than PowerPoint. The app makes the task of recording practically simple […]

How to enable screen sharing in Microsoft Teams meeting

Meetings constitute an important and necessary part of your work life. However, the tools deployed to host and attend meetings can play a significant role to create an impact, both positive and negative. Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool to […]