How to bypass SmartScreen filter and download files in IE or Edge


  1. Didn’t work. Once I did that it started downloading and then get an error saying “SmartScreen Filter reported (file name) as unsafe”. How do we get around this now?

  2. Thank you! I joined this site just to say that! — I knew my download was safe, I just had to convince my computer of it!

  3. Once again trying
    to protect us from ourselves, after a file is downloaded there are many
    things that can be used to prove or disprove if the file is safe. Virus Total
    is a good site to check any file online, although it has a limit on file size. It’s
    your computer make sure you are confident as to whether the file is clean or
    may contain malware, when and if a file has a virus, Trojan, worm or any other
    unwanted things this is the time to take action if it is allowed to go further
    into your system it can reek havoc on your system or pass it along to many
    other unwitting subjects. USE EXTREME CAUTION it’s your responsibility, and bad
    things do sneak into computers unfortunately. Have fun & enjoy. 🙂

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