Bot Revolt Anti-Malware Free Edition: Download, Review


  1. “It’s particularly important to note that, from the Bot Revolt free version, you cannot update the list of malicious IP addresses”
    While I believe the concept is good but if you cannot update the malicious IP’s in the free version then really what good is it? malicious IP’s are like trojans and viruses, new ones pop up every day so even IF you ran the free version of this software, your safety will only be “limited” only after a week or so of it’s use.

  2. The free version still protects your pc from over 1.1 BILLION ip’s. Your better off with the protection then without it.

    review: Bot Revolts real value is in its outbound filtering, meaning if
    you have a malicious program installed on your computer that is
    attempting to send your information out into the web then bot revolt
    will protect you by blocking the connection.

    I agree with Ed, the free version should give you more updates

  3. 1.1 billion OLD IP addresses. Yes, it’s something but any protection that can’t keep itself current isn’t very good. That’s like saying that your Norton AV 2002 is “better than none.”

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