Block Notifications, Microphone, Camera requests in Firefox browser

Click a webpage, and you will find your browser seeking permissions for sending notifications or accessing your camera and microphone. This can be quite bothering as many of us do not prefer unwanted suggestions. Also, the action validates sites to push notifications to the browser even if the site in question is not open. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other popular browser feature this policy but if you do not like it, here’s how to block them.

Make Firefox block Notifications

Make Firefox block Notifications, Microphone, Camera requests

Quite a few users do not require notifications from websites to stay updated and as such not use services that require access to a computer’s camera or microphone. Use about: config to modify a preference in the browser.

Open the setting and set dom.webnotifications.enabled to false.

Make Firefox block Notifications

Similarly, to disable webcam or microphone in Firefox: set media.navigator.enabled and media.peerconnection.enabled setting to false and the same for geo.enabled to disable location prompts in Firefox.

Also, if you are using the latest version of the Firefox browser, you can block notification, microphone, camera and location requests via the browser UI. For this,

Load about:preferences#privacy in the browser’s address bar and scroll down to the “Permissions” section.

There, hit the ‘Settings’ button of Location, Camera, Microphone or Notifications and under the permissions box displayed, check the “Block new requests” box.

Finally, click Save changes.

The action when confirmed will configure the browser to block prompts that website might display otherwise. Other websites will continue to function as earlier.

While this does not appear to be a problem for a single website, it does disturb a user if there are multiple sites implementing the same policy. In such a case, the user receives more prompts to allow notifications, and that can be annoying. Most of them would prefer notifications from select sites only.

The situation is a somewhat changed for microphone, camera and location preferences. These are required for specific functionality.

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