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For many computer users, Facebook is probably one of the most hated things on the web. For you guys, we’re sure you all would love a way to block the social network with just a click of the mouse. Well, it is now possible with SterJo Facebook Blocker freeware for Windows.

Facebook Blocker

Yes, there’s a dedicated app designed for blocking Facebook, and guess what? It actually works, which is a surprise to us. The developers view it as a parental control software, or something that can be used by schools and libraries to block the social network from operating in web browsers.

facebook blocker

Now, as we’ve stated above, the app works, but we wouldn’t dare view it as a parental app, or something that can be used in institutions.

Here’s the thing, there is no way to stop a child from reactivating Facebook with this app, so how is actually a real parental control app? It is not possible to add a password to SterJo Facebook Blocker, so children can simply fire it up and allow Facebook to work again.

There’s nothing in terms of settings or options here, just two buttons, and that’s it really. You press the “Block Facebook” button to block the social network, and the “Unblock Facebook” button to free it up. Once the social network is blocked, it cannot be accessed from a web browser, which is kind of cool.

Still, it is not that effective when a Facebook app is involved, for example, the app from the Windows Store. It doesn’t block it, so if a child is smart enough, he or she can just download the app and have a great time.

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One HUGE issue with SterJo Facebook Blocker

We tried to download it from a freeware website with Firefox, and the browser refused to download it as it viewed the app as something that might contain a virus or spyware. So, we went to the official website to get it up and running, and after installation, Windows Defender picked up on it and gave us a warning.

We can’t say for sure if it does contain malware, or if this is only a false positive, happening due to the design of the app and how it works to block Facebook. Nevertheless, this should be viewed as a cause for concern for anyone who are willing to give SterJo Facebook Blocker a test drive.

So if you do decide to give it a try, you will be able to download Facebook Blocker here.

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