How to block Facebook Game Requests

Facebook is among the most popular and active social networking websites. You can connect with your friends and relatives. This is also possible to play different interesting games on Facebook. Some games can be played with friends whereas some of them are able to carry only one user.

Some games are awesome, but, in most of the cases, people get distracted due to the hundreds of game requests coming in from friends. Those of you, who use Facebook for business or any official work purpose, always dislike such game requests, and consider them to be a source of irritation. Once a game gets viral on Facebook, many automated requests get sent.

If you are a victim to countless game requests, you can easily get rid of them with the help of an in-built Facebook option. Facebook lets users block game requests. Once it is done correctly, all the requests for that particular game will be blocked or hidden automatically.

Block Facebook Game Requests

There are two ways you can use to get rid of this annoying issue. Either you can prevent friends from sending any app or game request or you can block the game itself.

Block friends from sending game/app request

This is a good process to eliminate annoying requests. You can block those friends, who often send a lot of request. Your friend can do all other things except sending request. To do so, just open your Facebook settings and go to Blocking tab.

Block Facebook Game Requests

Alternatively, you can also go to here. After that, find out Block app invites and write down your friend’s name in the empty box.

Block Friends from sending invitation

To unblock any blocked friend, just click on the Unblock link.

Block games on Facebook

To block any particular game on Facebook, you can follow these steps. At first, open your Blocking settings page of Facebook and find out Block Apps. After that, write down the name of the game, for what your friends send request.

Prevent Facebook game notifications

In the same way, you can also unblock any game. To unblock any blocked game, just click on the Unblock link that is positioned next to the game name. But you can play any blocked game. This option will just block the game ‘request’.

Instead of getting hundreds of annoying game request, it is far better to block them. To block any game by name or friend, you can follow this guide.

Hope it would be helpful to you.

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